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Green Solutions

We bring affordable green energy to your home


Some on our team have even installed geothermal heat pump systems.

Environmentally-conscious customers are always impressed when we start speaking with them about the different ways we can help make their home greener, including delivering clean-burning fuels and installing high-efficiency equipment. Here are just a few examples:

We deliver clean-burning heating oil.

Every gallon of heating oil we put in your tank is ultra-low-sulfur heating oil, which has 99% less sulfur than standard heating oil. This burns more cleanly, with much lower emissions levels. You also benefit from better heating efficiency and easier maintenance, since ultra-low-sulfur oil leaves fewer deposits on heat exchangers.

We deliver eco-friendly propane.

Considered one of the cleanest home heating fuels, propane emits far less greenhouse gases than most other energy sources. It contains no methane and releases virtually no particulate matter in use. Propane is also nontoxic and doesn’t pose a threat to soil and water.

We can convert your wood-burning fireplace into a propane one.

Propane emits far fewer particulates and less carbon dioxide than wood. That’s good for your health, good for the air and good for the planet.

Mini-split heat pump systems.

Tired of hauling around your old A/C units? Say goodbye to them and say hello to something much more efficient and greener: a high-efficiency, mini-split ductless heat pump unit from Mitsubishi Electric. Read more about these systems here.

Expert installations, maintenance and repairs.

Whether you need a new heating or cooling system, maintenance or repairs, you can depend on our expert technicians to install and service various types of high-efficiency green equipment. Some on our team have even installed geothermal heat pump systems.