Central Air Conditioning & Ductless Systems

Expert central air conditioning installation and ductless air conditioning installation in Montrose, Scranton, Towanda and surrounding towns

ac ductlessWhen it comes to selling and installing air conditioning systems, we only recommend quality-made systems from trusted manufacturers.

We do our best to help homeowners better afford energy-efficient systems. Should you appear to qualify, we will pass along to you any information while reviewing your equipment purchase options. 

Saving you money with manufacturer incentives and rebates

We offer great savings by recommending a range of high-quality brands in essentially all products we sell, install and service. We choose the most efficient products, but do not limit ourselves to one manufacturer.

Our pledge to you is this: If two brands or models are under consideration and one of them offers a money-saving incentive at the time, we will bring that fact to your attention—even if that selection brings us less money upon purchase.

We do that because a happy, long-term customer is worth far more to us than a few dollars here and there on a particular sale. So expect us to talk about incentives during the decision process, and always feel free to ask us about any as well.

Central air systems we install

A new, high-efficiency system could cut your cooling costs in half—and eliminate the expense and annoyance of breakdowns—while keeping your home more comfortable, no matter how high the mercury soars.
These are the brands we strongly recommend:

ruud condenser

thermo pride

air handler

Ductless air conditioning installation

If you prefer not to install ductwork, or if this is not an option, that’s not a problem. Besides traditional central air conditioning units, we also install Mistubishi Electric ductless mini-split systems.

A ductless system lets you put cooling (or heating) precisely where you need it. It’s easy. We can install multiple indoor units, which all connect to one outdoor compressor. Only minimum drilling is necessary to complete the installation of your ductless system.
Click on the images below to read more about ductless mini-split systems.

Stay cool, contact us today

We can evaluate your home and determine the best type of cooling unit for your needs, then install your system in just a day or two. Contact us to set up an appointment for a no-obligation consultation.