Ways to keep your propane tank full and accessible this winter

Five Ways to Keep Your Propane Tank Full, Accessible, and Top of Mind This Winter

Posted: January 20, 2020

Propane is a good friend to have once winter arrives here in PA, offering an efficient, high-powered, and eco-friendly way to keep you safe and cozy as temperatures plummet here in the Keystone State.


Trash Talk: A Prohauling Q&A

Posted: January 13, 2020

In our last blog, we talked about six of the best home comfort promises you can make for yourself in 2020. This week, we’re adding a seventh: simplify your surroundings with a de-cluttering purge.

New Year's resolution 2020

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home Comfort in 2020

Posted: January 6, 2020

The beginning of a new year is a time we make promises to ourselves – some to make our lives easier, some to treat ourselves a bit better, and some to do more for our family and the people we care about.

Propane fireplace

The Perfect Winter Treat: A Propane Fireplace

Posted: December 23, 2019

Winter has officially arrived, which means it’s time to get cozy in your Pennsylvania home – and nothing says cozy quite like a living room hearth.

Freezer organizing tips for the holidays

Posted: December 16, 2019

The holiday season is here– and with it comes big meals and lots of leftovers. Without a little organization, those leftovers can easily get lost in the freezer shuffle and forgotten about until months later. Here are seven freezer-organizing tips and hacks that will help you avoid that problem. Label everything – Use a Sharpie re-sealable freezer […]

Water heater challenges

Winter Is Hard on Your Water Heater, Too

Posted: December 9, 2019

Your heating system may have the toughest job in the house during the winter as it works around the clock to keep your family safe and warm.

Propane gas stove and oven tips

Posted: December 2, 2019

There’s a reason why more than nine out of ten professional chefs choose to cook with gas (actually there are several, as you will see below). But to take full advantage of the benefits of your brand new (or future) propane gas oven or cooktop, it’s important to know the ins and outs of your […]

Choosing a new propane supplier

Posted: November 25, 2019

If you’ve just purchased a new propane-powered home, or aren’t happy with your current propane supplier, it could be time for a change. But how do you choose a propane supplier that you know you’ll be happy with? As with many things in life, choosing a propane supplier starts with asking the right questions. Here […]

Propane and heating oil

Propane + Heating Oil: A Winning Combination?

Posted: November 18, 2019

Heating oil is a great way to heat your home – it provides more BTUs per gallon than any fuel around, and new Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil (USLSHO) varieties are doing their job while reducing most harmful emissions to near negligible levels.

Propane gas log set

How Do I Choose a Propane Gas Log Set

Posted: November 11, 2019

If you’ve recently decided to add a propane gas log set to your existing masonry fireplace, congratulations – you’ve made a good choice!

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