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Propane Pricing for Scranton, PA & Nearby

Spread out your propane payments, avoid fuel run-outs and get a discount with EZ Pay!

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If you use propane to heat your home, warm up your showers, cook your food, dry your laundry and power any number of other home products, you know that your fuel usage can vary from month to month. Your winters may have more than one propane delivery in a single month.

At Ace-Robbins Inc., we are committed to giving you peace of mind that you’ll always have the propane you need with complimentary automatic delivery service. We’re also always fair and transparent in our pricing.

Part of our commitment to serving households in Northeastern Pennsylvania is offering ways to stabilize your billing and lower your fuel price.

Spread out your annual fuel costs with our EZ Pay Plan

Take the worry out of winter and save money, too! After you enroll in our EZ Pay program, we’ll divide your estimated propane payments into 12 affordable monthly installments.

That’s much better than paying larger amounts during the cold winter months! You’ll spend the same amount each month, with one or two periodic adjustments if necessary due to circumstances beyond our control (a colder-than-normal winter, price spikes, etc.).

To thank you for being an EZ Pay customer, we reward you by giving you a 15-cent-per-gallon discount on every delivery. If you use 800 gallons of fuel per year, that adds up to a savings of $120!

More ways to save with Ace-Robbins

If you’re an EZ Pay customer 65 years old or older, you get an additional 5-cent-per-gallon discount. (In fact, all customers who are senior citizens get a 5-cent-per-gallon discount from us.)

Enrollment in the EZ Pay program is open to both our heating oil and propane customers, and it’s quick and easy to enroll.

EZ Pay also lets you enjoy the convenience of making automatic payments through electronic funds transfer (EFT). When you choose this automatic payment option, we’ll reward you with a $25 fuel credit. Save checks, stamps and, most importantly, your time. No more hunting for misplaced invoices!

Contact us and tell us you want to start paying the EZ way — and get big discounts on your fuel.