Make your summer more fun with propane!
Summer’s here…time for some outdoor fun, courtesy of clean, green propane gas!
Propane can help you get more from your summer months. With it you will be able to:

  1. Grill like a pro – A propane barbecue grill offers the same precision temperature control and even heating that you get from your propane range or cooktop – plus the flame broiled goodness of a charcoal barbecue without the mess or set-up time.
  2. Swim on cool nights and mornings – Ever skip your morning or evening dip because the weather is just too cool for comfort? You won’t have to if you use a propane pool heater. Propane can warm up your hot tub, too.
  3. Keep your company cozy – As hot as it gets during summer here in Pennsylvania, it can still get cool enough at night to make your guests uncomfortable –especially toward the end of the season. An outdoor propane space heater will keep your outdoor parties doing well into a cool night – or well into the fall!
  4. Stop the itching – We don’t know what your idea of summer fun is, but we can bet it’s not scratching mosquito bites. With a little help from a propane mosquito trap, you’ll keep the bloodsuckers away without the chemical smells or nasty zapping sounds.
  5. Gather under the stars – Star gazing by the fire is something we humans have been doing a long time – but now we’ve perfected it thanks to the power of propane! With a propane outdoor fireplace, fire table or fire pit, you’ll get all benefits of a campfire at the push of a button, with no set up or clean up.
  6. Keep your garden growing – If you have a greenhouse in or near your PA home, you need a dependable way to keep the perfect temperatures for your summer plants and veggies. A propane greenhouse heater will do just that.

Propane – the summer fun fuel! Need propane for your outdoor living appliances? Contact the propane pros at Ace-Robbins today!

Girl and dog
If you use electricity for your home comfort systems – whether to power your furnace, your water heater, or your appliances – you’re missing out on the many benefits that clean, green propane provides.
Compared to electricity, propane is more:

If you want to explore these propane benefits for yourself, contact us today – we’re happy to discuss propane equipment options with you. And if you’re already a propane user but want the most reliable service provider in our Tunkhannock service area, we can help you there, too: become an Ace-Robbins customer today.
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A whole-house propane backup generator is a lot like an insurance policy: you never know the value of one until you really need it.
When severe weather wreaks havoc with the power grid – as it did last month during historic flooding here in Pennsylvania – there are few things more comforting than knowing that your lights will stay on until power is restored.
But having a backup generator installed in your home does a lot more than keep you out of the dark: by getting your home comfort systems back up and running quickly (usually within 30 seconds after the power goes out), your whole house propane generator will:

  1. Protect your home – A generator will keep your sump pump up and running.
  2. Preserve your food – Generators can keep hundreds of dollars of food from spoiling – and keep your stove and oven working, too.
  3. Power your medical devices – A whole house generator can literally be a lifesaver, keeping emergency medical equipment online and working.
  4. Keep your valuables safe – With a whole house generator, home security systems will keep protecting your valuables.
  5. Help you stay connected – Battery operated radios, laptops, tablets and cellphones need to be recharged. A generator will help keep you connected.
  6. Keep you comfortable – A whole house generator will keep your air conditioner and dehumidifier running in the hot months, and if you run an electric heater in the winter, it will keep you warm, too.

For all these reasons plus peace of mind in any weather, nothing beats a back-up generator – especially when it’s installed by the pros at Ace-Robbins.
For a limited time, you can save $500 on a backup generator installation! Contact Ace-Robbins today to get a FREE, no obligation estimate on a propane generator for your Pennsylvania home.

Recycling propane tanks
Summer is going by us quickly, and as we head into September you may find that your propane tank is reaching the end of its long life (assuming, of course, that it can’t be refilled and used again safely – contact us to learn more).
Just remember: since propane is a flammable material, tanks containing propane cannot be discarded with your regular trash! Instead, they must be properly recycled.
To recycle your single-use or refillable grill tanks in Pennsylvania – including large grilling propane tanks, medium-sized tanks used for camping stoves, etc. – contact your local household hazardous waste (HHW) collection program and ask if they will accept single-use or refillable propane cylinders. To view a list of HHW collections in PA, please visit the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Programs page at If that doesn’t work, contact us – we will help you figure it out.
You can find instructions for small propane tanks used for camp lights and smaller stoves here.

Pondering man
If you hear a hissing sound coming from your propane tank, don’t immediately presume you have a propane leak (unless you smell a leak’s telltale rotten egg odor – in which case follow propane safety procedures immediately).
That fact is, that hissing sound may not be a propane leak at all. As our friends at explain, several other culprits could be to blame, including:

Keep your family safe in your propane-powered home by using your eyes, nose and ears! Learn more about propane safety here – or contact us with questions any time.

Eating outdoors
Spring is finally here (according to the calendar AND the thermometer), which means it’s a good time to start thinking about a plan for your outdoor space – you know, the one you keep saying you want to use but never get around to fixing up.
With a little creativity, you can turn that space into your family’s favorite spot to kick back and relax.
Just imagine sitting around a propane fire pit while you serve a meal prepared in your outdoor kitchen…or swimming in your propane-heated pool deep into a chilly the evening in late spring or early fall before retreating under your heated patio awning. It’s all possible with a little planning, a little help from us, and an assist from clean, green propane.

Ace-Robbins: your Outdoor Living source

Ace-Robbins is your source for all things Outdoor Living here in North Pennsylvania, including:

Imagine what you could do with another room that’s open to the air but equipped with all the amenities you know and love. It’s possible – and it’s more affordable than you think.
Contact us today to get a FREE estimate and learn how you can take your outdoor entertaining up a notch this spring – with a little help from Ace-Robbins!

Clean energy
You probably know that propane is one of the most versatile ways to power your home, able to power everything from your furnace to your fireplace. But did you know it was also one of the greenest?
That’s because propane is among the cleanest-burning fuels around, which can be a big advantage compared to other fuels – especially electricity.
Compared to electricity, propane:

Want another “clean” propane advantage? How about this: It doesn’t spill, pool, or leave a residue, which means that in the event of a leak, propane will vaporize and dissipate into the atmosphere rather than potentially damaging your home and property.
Propane – the clean, green fuel alternative! Contact us today to learn more about making the switch in your Pennsylvania home.

Rory Greenley of Ace Robbins, a propane delivery Scranton PA ManagerWe are proud to have one of our employees, Rory Greenley, featured in a February article published in LP Gas. Rory is a key employee at Ace-Robbins and is focused on overall sales of fuels within the company, including propane and heating oil. Ace-Robbins handles propane delivery Scranton PA, Wilkes-Barre, and all surrounding areas.
If you need a propane delivery for your home or business, give us a call. We’d love to offer you a free price quote and discuss our different levels of service. At Ace-Robbins, we offer peace of mind to our customers with several different propane service plans.
These propane plans enable our customers to get the professional preventive maintenance they can count on. They are extremely economical and offer exceptional value.
You might be asking, “Why do I need a service plan?” Our plans are designed to keep your heating and hot water system operating at their highest efficiency levels, all of the time.
In addition to propane, we also deliver heating oil, service & sell heating and cooling equipment, sell fireplaces, appliances and much more.
Rory is quoted in LP Gas’ article as saying;

We have increased our online presence tenfold over the past two years. We’ve found that many more customers are going to our website to look at our appliances. Ace-Robbins has branched out in the past few years to offer whole home comfort. We sell and service Whirlpool brand appliances, so promoting online is a must. In keeping up with today’s consumer needs, we utilize social media and online marketing to boost traffic to the site. Read the entire article here.

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image of Scranton propane delivery companyWhile many homeowners use propane regularly, they may be unaware that it is an incredibly efficient, safe and reliable alternative to electricity. In this article, we will cover what you need to know about the benefits of propane when using it to heat your home this winter.

What Is Propane?

Liquefied petroleum gas, better known as propane, is a liquid that easily vaporizes into a gas and is actually a greener option. Listed as a clean fuel in 1990’s Clean Air Act, propane burns much cleaner than any fossil fuel available today. Additionally, propane has a low carbon content. This means that it produces minimal emissions. Most importantly, it doesn’t contaminate soil or precious groundwater. When derived as a by-product of natural gas production, propane can reduce petroleum use by nearly 98 percent. If you’re interested in going green, getting off the grid, or maintaining a more environmentally-friendly home, propane is an important and vital tool.

Propane Is Effective

Interested in exploring a propane-based home heating system? It makes sense. Propane is significantly cheaper than electricity. It also burns cleaner than natural gas. Propane also produces a warmer than electricity. As an example, typically a propane gas furnace heats the air to around 130°F to 140°F. It also operates in short intervals, which drastically reduces operating costs. Conversely, an electric heat pump typically produces heat below the body’s natural temperature of 98.6 degrees, so the air produced often feels cool to the touch.

Propane Is Dependable & Safe

Need more convincing? Propane is far more dependable than electric. It can be safely stored in a tank on your property, while electricity is subject to ongoing power surges and outages. Propane is also more reliable and works when other energy sources fail, making it incredibly versatile. Furthermore, propane is widely known to be very safe. Propane has a remarkable safety record due to stringent regulations. The heat that this fuel generates also has built-in safety precautions. It will not ignite when combined with air unless the ignition source is hotter than 940°F.

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Propane Powered Heating Systems

propane as an effective heat sourceIt goes without saying that installing a propane heater in your home will grant you big benefits in a small package. First, it is important to understand that propane burning furnaces are typically very small. This means they won’t take up precious space in your utility closets or basements. In fact, they can even fit in very tight spaces, which also keeps the system out of sight and out of mind. Propane based systems also have a much longer life than traditional systems, in many cases an excess of twenty years. This is attractive to many homeowners, as they often feel more secure in their investment as they know they won’t have to shell out their hard earned cash for another new system in a few years. Additionally, propane powered system usually are extremely energy efficient which helps reduce home heating costs.
Furthermore, the installation process related to a propane based system is easier than you might think. That said, you should always rely on a professional heating system installer. Qualified service technicians are very familiar with various makes and models of propane heaters and will ensure the unit is safely and properly installed.
As with any home system, maintenance is key. You may elect to schedule annual system checkups or call in for maintenance work when necessary down the road.

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Scranton Propane Delivery Company

the benefits of heating your home with propane

Propane is an effective and efficient way to heat your home. Furthermore, propane appliances have a long lifespan, making it an economical choice for homeowners. Be sure to find a propane delivery company that offers excellent services. This will allow you to further enjoy the comfort that propane has to offer.
For a highly qualified propane delivery company, contact Ace-Robbins. We also offer heater tune-ups and maintenance services to help your system run more efficiently. When your system is malfunctioning, we also offer high quality  furnace repair services on HVAC systems of all makes and models. Let our professional technicians enhance the comfort levels of your home by addressing your home heating needs. We have been in business since 1961 and since then, we have been providing quality services at affordable prices.
We service Kingston PA 18704, Luzerne PA 18709, Plymouth PA 18651, Wilkes-Barre PA 18701, Wyoming PA 18644 Chinchilla PA 18410, Clarks Summit PA 18411, Dickson City PA 18519, Elmhurst PA 18416, Moosic PA 18507, Old Forge PA 18518, Olyphant PA 18447, Peckville PA 18452, Scranton PA 18501, Taylor PA 18517 and all surrounding areas.

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image of prices from propane fuel delivery companies Wilkes-Barre PAPropane expenditures for U.S. households has always been dependent on the energy efficiency and size of individual homes, heating equipment used, thermostat settings, markets size, and local weather conditions. There are other variables that affect the price that you pay from propane. These variables include global markets that trade propane gas and other primary commodities that refine propane.
Consequently, this makes propane prices fluctuate due to unforeseen economical, climate, political, and other contributing factors. This article discusses these factors and what prices to expect from your propane fuel delivery company.

2016 Propane Price Projections

About 4 percent of U.S. households primarily heat using propane. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), households are expected to spend less on energy fuel in 2016 with the projected decrease varying across regions.
According to the EIA report, Northeast households using propane will spend about $342 less on average compared to the previous winter. These prices will be 15 percent lower while consumption will also decrease by 9 percent. In the Northwest, Households are expected to spend $342 less in 2016. These prices are 5 percent lower than the previous winter, and represent 11 percent lower expected consumption.
The above estimates are determined by projected winter outlooks. However, keep in mind that predicting the weather is not always accurate, especially when making long range predictions! Keep in mind that there are other factors that affect how propane prices are set.

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Factors that Determine Propane Prices

Market Demand

Forces of demand significantly affect propane prices. However, even though propane is a globally traded commodity, local demand alone is not enough to determine prices. Rather, the simple fact that this fuel gas is in demand in one part of the country is enough to raise its prices. A good example lies in the state of Texas. Texas is usually warm meaning that there is less demand for propane within the state. However, if the Northeast’s demand for propane increases, prices in Texas will also be high.

Fixed And Variable Costs

Market forces of supply and demand primarily affect propane prices. Additionally, operating costs of dealers (variable and fixed) also affect prices. Expenses include fleet management, payroll, taxes, insurance, fuel costs, and other numerous operational costs.

Insurance Costs

In order to get insurance, propane dealers must meet all the requirements listed below as well as other additional requirements set by their underwriter. This is because without insurance, dealers lose their licenses and close operations. The Federal, State, and Local government has imposed stringent operating requirements on dealers. These are:


A number of U.S. departments and jurisdictions regulate propane delivery companies including:

As a result, this makes compliance an expensive undertaking.
In conclusion, 2016-2017 winter propane gas prices are expected to be lower than the previous winter. However, several factors, other than expected household usage, come to play. Therefore, this can make it difficult to come up with an 100% accurate estimate. This will give you an idea of what is to come.

Propane Fuel Delivery Companies Wilkes-Barre PA

propane prices and home heating costsHomeowners who heat their homes with propane are interested in these projected prices because it affects them financially. This is due to the fact that expected prices for propane helps homeowners budget properly for home heating costs during the winter. As a homeowner, you can further reduce your home heating costs by finding a reputable propane company to adequately maintain your system. Furthermore, find a propane delivery company that offers the most affordable propane prices in your area.
Ace-Robbins specializes in exceptional propane delivery services in your area. Be sure to contact us so that we can answer any questions that you might have on propane maintenance, delivery plans, and pricing options. We have been in business since 1961 and since then, we have been providing quality services at affordable prices.
We service Kingston PA 18704, Luzerne PA 18709, Plymouth PA 18651, Wilkes Barre PA 18701, Wilkes Barre PA 18702, Wyoming PA 18644 and all surrounding areas.

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