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Much of the groundwater supply here in eastern Pennsylvania is hard water.

That means you are likely dealing with some level of hard water in your home. But you don’t have to if you install a new Master water softener from Ace-Robbins!

We sell, install, and service Master water softeners, the best and most durable water softener on the market. Our equipment experts will discuss your hard water situation and help you select the right Master water softener for your home.

How do water softeners work?

We install your Master water softener the point where water comes into your home. This allows the water softener to only treat the water being used inside your home, not outside for things like watering the lawn or washing the car.

The water softening unit’s mineral tank contains resin beads that are negatively charged, which attract the positively charged calcium and magnesium ions. When the water passes through the mineral tank, the minerals’ ions are bonded to the resin, and the soft water is dispensed into your home. A regeneration cycle cleans the mineral tank when the resin is saturated. A brine solution releases the mineral ion bonded to the resin, then it all is flushed away. After that, the mineral tank is ready to continue softening water.

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Why you need a water softener

A water softener does many things for your home, appliances, plumbing and quality of life.

Having softer water is easier on your plumbing. Hard water can damage plumbing and valves, so softer water reduces the damage, meaning fewer repairs and repair bills.

If you and your family suffer from dry, irritated skin and dry hair no matter what products you use, soft water removes minerals that can cause these issues.

Master Water Conditioning

As the minerals in hard water build up in your pipes, the efficiency of your water heater and boiler are dramatically reduced, leading to higher energy costs. Hard water also damages the storage tank of your water heater, which can cause it to fail and necessitate replacement.

The minerals can build up inside washing machines and dishwashers, reducing their effectiveness, and leading to a shorter life expectancy.

There are telltale signs that your home has hard water. They include:

A Master water softener eliminates those problems — no more itchy skin, brittle glassware, film-covered dishes, or stained tubs!

Contact us today to get started on solving your hard water problem.