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Generator Installation in Tunkhannock, PA

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The average length of a power outage in Pennsylvania is four hours. Of course, these outages can last much longer when they’re caused by weather such as winter storms, thunderstorms, and coastal storms such as hurricanes and nor’easters. That’s why Ace-Robbins offers complete Generac propane whole-house backup generator services.

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Our generator services

Generac propane whole-house generator sales, installation, and service. Generac is the best propane whole-house backup generator on the market today. We’ll thoroughly go over your needs to help you choose the generator that works for your home.

Propane tank installation. We carry a wide range of propane tank sizes and will make sure you have the right one for your generator.

Propane delivery. With our dependable propane delivery, your generator will always have the fuel it requires to keep your home safe and comfortable. We also offer wireless propane tank monitoring so that we know precisely when you need more propane for your generator—that’s when we make the delivery, giving you peace of mind.

Advantages of propane whole-house backup generators

generator installation in tunkhannock

Stay comfortable. Our generators will keep your home’s HVAC running, so you won’t be cold (or at risk of frozen pipes) in the winter and sweating in the summer.

Stay safe. Your home security system will remain on. The lights won’t go off, so you can safely get about your home without tripping. The sump pump will keep running so that your basement and everything stored down there will be safe and dry. Medical equipment like electric wheelchairs and home dialysis will have power.

Stay fed. Food in your fridge can go bad in just a few hours. A Generac propane whole-house backup generator will keep your food safely cold, and power your range, microwave, coffee maker, multicooker, and other appliances.

Stay in touch. You’ll be able to keep your phones, laptops, and tablets charged so that you can stay connected with loved ones as well as with local authorities, something that can be essential during bad weather.

Tunkhannock folks are fans of Ace-Robbins!

Use Ace-Robbins for all my fuel needs. They are very friendly, from owners down to the employees. Very happy with Ace-Robbins.” – Harry D.

Been using them for my home fuel for over 15 years. Always friendly on the phone and the delivery drivers are nice too. No complaints ever.” – Reyna D.

All About Tunkhannock

The name of the town comes from the Minsi-Lenapi word ptuk’hanna’unk, which means “bend-in-the-river place.”
Notable natives and residents of Tunkhannock include:

  • Walter Tewksbury, who won two gold medals, two silver medals, and one bronze medal in track and field at the 1900 Summer Olympics, in Paris. After the Olympics, he retired from sports and established dental practice in Tunkhannock.
  • Admiral Harold Rainsford Stark, who served as chief of naval operations for the U.S. Navy from 1939 to 1942. He went on to be commander of U.S. naval forces in Europe and supervised naval operations for the D-Day invasion, in 1944.

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