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homeowner who needs heating system tune-up Falls PAOne of the quickest avenues through which to lose money as a homeowner is through a draft in your dwelling. In a very short length of time, drafts can easily skyrocket your heating bill. Not only do they create a cooler environment in the home than you desire, drafts also make your furnace run longer and work harder. Similarly, when the weather turns hot, the draft can cause cool air to be lost from your home.
Additionally, the constant turning on and off of your heating system and air conditioner may lead to extra repairs. For these and other reasons, locating drafts in your home is essential, particularly just prior to winter. There are several ways to find the location of such drafts and subsequently boost your home’s energy efficiency:

The Challenge Of Older Homes

Finding drafts is often a challenging endeavor, especially in old dwellings. The precise location of the draft can be somewhat elusive. Your first course of action should be to simply use your senses to locate the draft. For instance, place your hand close to the areas around your home’s doors and windows. These are usually primary locations for drafts, especially if the doors and windows have poor seals or are very old. Additionally, such areas may feature little or no insulation.

Effective Ways To Detect Drafts

String, candles, and thin swatches of fabric help detect areas through which drafts run. These methods determine the strength of each draft. Always make sure to note the direction of each draft when using this method, as well as whether or not the air is hot or cold.
In certain instances, the drafts’ locations are easily detected through the use of the flashlight. To use this method, you simply shine the flashlight at the door where you suspect a problem exists and see if someone on the other side of the door can see a shaft of light coming through from the flashlight. Also, you can place a very thin paper beneath the door when it is closed. Pull the paper out, and see if it frees itself easily. If this is the case, you have probably detected a major draft source.

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Working With Professionals

Another great way to accurately detect draft locations in your home and ultimately make it more energy efficiency is to hire a professional. Such individuals have the experience and equipment to locate all of the drafts in the house and help you choose the best solution. Professionals are trained to find drafts in a variety of areas that you, as the homeowner, will overlook. For example, professionals usually begin by checking fireplaces, dryer vents, utility line inlets, windows sashes, weather stripping, baseboards, electrical outlets and switch plates.

Heating System Tune-up Falls PA

Even well insulated homes have major drafts of which you are not aware. Therefore, make sure you deal with all problem areas simultaneously, if possible. Working with a professional to achieve a more energy-efficient home is also wise course of action. Not only will your home be more comfortable, you will also be able to save money on your energy bill. This is because even a top notch heater and cooling system cannot keep your home at an appropriate temperature if a major draft exists. It is also wise to schedule regular checkups so that your system runs in the most efficient manner possible. Professionals have the experience and training to notice problems in advance, before major repairs become necessary.
To further reduce your energy costs, try to find affordable, high-quality heating oil. The best way to accomplish this task is to comparison shop. By implementing all the aforementioned tips, you can reduce your energy costs and create a more comfortable environment for you and other residents of your home.
For a heating expert in your area, be sure to contact Ace-Robbins. We offer affordable, reliable, and trusted heater service plans, heating oil delivery services and propane delivery services. We also offer heating system installation and repairs. Contact Ace-Robbins to discuss how to resolve any of your home heating needs. Our professional and certified technicians have the experience and skills necessary. We have been in business since 1961 and since then, we have been providing excellent customer experiences.
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Coins and piggy bank
At Ace-Robbins, we’re always looking for ways to take care of the people who took care of us (even if our government doesn’t necessarily agree…but that’s another story).
That’s why we offer customers 65 years of age and older a $.05 discount on every gallon of heating oil you buy from us.
It’s one small way we can help you to get through the long Pennsylvania winter on a tight budget. Want a few more? Here are seven ways to lower your energy use – and heating bills – that will cost you little to no money:

  1. Learn to use your programmable thermostat – Dropping temperatures by 3-4 degrees for eight hours a day can cut your monthly bill by 10 percent or more. Use your thermostat to do that when you’re sleeping or when no one is home.
  2. Keep an eye on your furnace filter – Furnace filters are inexpensive to replace, but a blocked filter can drive up your heating bill quickly. Check your filter at least once a month in the winter – more if you smoke or have furry pets.
  3. Take advantage of ceiling fans – Ceiling fans don’t just help you cool the room – they can also help drive rising warm air back into the room. Just be sure your ceiling fan is spinning clockwise (as you look at it) in the winter; this will push warm air straight down.
  4. Use the sun for free heat – The greenhouse effect may be bad for the environment, but it’s good for your home energy use. Open the curtains to absorb the sun’s heat during the daytime, and close them at night to keep it in.
  5. Close vents in unused rooms – Have a spare room that spends the day empty most of the time? Shut the vents there until you have a guest. Why pay to heat an empty room?
  6. Keep heating sources clear – Keep vents and radiators free of obstructions, including curtains and furniture.
  7. Weatherize – The average home leaks about an open window’s worth of the air you paid to heat through spaces around external-facing doors, windows, and walls. Caulk, weather-stripping, door sweeps and window plastic will take care of much of the problem for a small investment of time and money.

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lower Energy Bills
Well, we’ve past the midpoint of October, which means that cold weather – and your early season heating bills – will soon be on their way.
If you want to keep those bills as low as possible – and keep your heating system running as reliably as possible, especially when you need it most – try these tips:

  1. Weatherize – You pay to warm the air in your home, but air leaks around external doors and windows could be sending that heated air right back to the great outdoors. Installing inexpensive caulk and weather stripping around window and doorframes, along spaces surrounding window AC systems and your dryer vent, and other gaps in the exterior of your home is a great investment both comfort and efficiency. It will reduce wear and tear on your equipment, too.
  2. Reverse your ceiling fans – Ceiling fans do a great job circulating air in your home – the question is how to get it to circulate it in a way that keeps you comfortable in any season. When your ceiling fan is running counterclockwise, air is pushed down to create comfortable temperatures and evaporate moisture off your skin – a great way to cool down during summer. In the winter, you want to reverse the direction of the fan to push rising warm air back down into the room. See your fan’s instructions for reversing the direction of your ceiling fan.
  3. Change your filters regularly – If you have a forced-air system (one with a furnace and vents), be sure to check your filter regularly – especially if someone in the house smokes, or if you have furry pets. Clogged filters can cut your heating (and cooling) efficiency dramatically; over time, they can even cause the equipment to fail due to unnecessary overwork. Check them at least once a month and replace them when needed.
  4. Insulate – The majority of homes – especially older homes here in the Northeastern US – are under-Insulated. Energy Star recommends 12-15 inches of good insulation in your basement, attic, and crawl spaces.
  5. Install a programmable thermostat – Dropping the temperature by 3-4 degrees for eight hours a day can shave 10 percent or more off your monthly heating bill. A programmable thermostat makes it easy to do that, automatically dropping your settings when you go to work or sleep.
  6. Insulate your water heater – Why pay to heat your water more than once? That’s exactly what you’re doing if you don’t insulate your water heater. As your water heater’s storage tank sits in your cold basement waiting for your next shower or load of laundry, the water within it cools down and has to be re-heated for use. You can slow that “standing heat loss” by insulating your water tank.
  7. Get routine maintenance – Nothing will help your equipment running better for longer than making sure your system gets a regular annual tune-up from an expert. It’s one of the best investments you can make in your home comfort – one that will easily pay for itself during the course of a heating season.

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heating and cooling repairs
How different is a cooling system from a car? Well, both consist of complicated parts. Both require check-ups in order to guarantee reliability. A/C installation companies, the federal government, and utility companies all prescribe the frequent maintenance of A/C systems.

Is An Air Conditioner Service Really Necessary?

image of AC tune-up that takes place in Dixon PAWhen performance begins to be a problem, then this is a clear indication that a tune-up is due. Regardless, air conditioners require a tune-up on an annual basis. Debris and dust get trapped in the condenser coils. This affects the performance of your system. Loud, cranky sounds, refrigerant leaks, and unpleasant odors are some of the tell-tale signs that indicate that it’s time to have a professional inspection. Many issues like these are prevented with an annual tune-up.
Failure to maintain your system regularly results in a potential safety concern. As the condition of equipment parts and wiring systems deteriorate, fires from sparks and blazes become more of a possibility. A faulty system also leads to the build up of dust, dirt and mold. These elements trigger allergic reactions and diseases.

Is A/C Maintenance A Daily Chore?

No. However, it is standard practice for specialists to recommend air conditioner maintenance once a year. It is also normal for tune-ups to be carried out in the spring. Maintenance ordinarily involves anything from the cleaning of composite parts to the replacement of damaged ones. Even if you forgot to tune it up in the spring, it’s never too late to do so during the summer. Your system and your home can still benefit from a tune-up in the summer.

Tune-up Process

The servicing process of A/C systems is thorough and ultimately involves:

Often times, an HVAC contractor will need to adjust the refrigerant and pressure levels.

The Benefits Of A/C Maintenance

Don’t underestimate the importance of an annual tune-up. You will see your electricity bills reduced by as much as 15%, owing to improved energy efficiency. Also, this gives A/C systems a longer lifespan. A properly maintained unit functions for much longer when compared to a improperly maintained system.
AC maintenance reduces repair costs. A significant ‘once-off’ repair job will cost you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in repair and tune-up charges. Rather, get rid of the occasional small problems, such as a clogged condensate drain, by scheduling routine maintenance. By doing so, you won’t have to address a mountain of a problems at a later stage.

AC Tune-up Dixon PA

An A/C system needs serviced at least once a year. Despite the cost, it comes with enhanced comfort. It also leads to improved efficiency and, ultimately, significant energy savings. Schedule a routine tune-up today.
Hire licensed and insured contractors. That way, you only work with professional A/C contractors whose services are regulated and secured.
Ace-Robbins offers honest, affordable and skilled AC tune-ups. If you haven’t scheduled a professional air conditioner inspection, be sure to do so immediately. This enhances your unit’s ability to keep you comfortable while decreasing your energy costs. Let our NATE certified HVAC contractors get your system operating at its best. We have been in in the heating and cooling industry since 1961 with a proven track record of satisfied customers.
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heating and cooling repairs
With regular air conditioner maintenance, you can significantly improve the overall safety, efficiency, and performance of this important equipment. This is a great way to keep everyone in the home comfortable. It also helps avoid massive repair bills because it prevents mechanical malfunctions throughout the hottest portions of the year. This article covers 8 AC maintenance tips that every household should perform during the summer and spring.
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1. Filter Cleaning And Replacement

air filter replacementAt least once every month, take the time to inspect your air filters. When they look dirty, clean or replace them as required. At the very least, your air conditioner filter needs to be changed once every three months or every 90 days. It is possible that the filter will require a replacement more often if you happen to have very dusty indoor air or household pets. By changing or cleaning your AC filters, you can extend the lifetime of your air conditioning equipment. This also limits the amount of energy that your household consumes by as much as 2/5.

2. Spend More To Get A Quality Filter

Be sure to invest in filters that are well-made. Go for reputable brands and choose options that are baffled or pleated. You can get the absolute best results with electrostatic filters. These filters are capable of intercepting particles that are especially small. Think about purchasing a HEPA filter. These options are great for people who suffer from asthma or respiratory allergies. Buying several filters at once is also a great way to cut your A/C maintenance costs.

3. Get Annual Tune-ups For Your Air Conditioner

Make an appointment to have your air conditioner tuned up each spring. However, even if you forget to schedule one in the spring, it is never too late. Schedule one as soon as possible. An AC tune-up is a very important service. It diminishes your month to month energy consumption by up to 1/6. It makes this equipment far more efficient overall. This is also going to increase the length of time that your air conditioner lasts. Your unit might remain in service for seven to eight additional years if it’s tuned up annually. Always be sure to hire a reputable AC expert.
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4. Clean Indoors

To optimize the efficiency of your cooling system, while dramatically boosting the quality of your indoor air, you need to regularly clean the air conditioner vents that are located inside of your home. Get rid of any dirt, dust, and other debris that has collected. Keep in mind that this should be done once each month for optimal results.

5. Keep The Air Vents Open

keep your air vents open and ACKeep no fewer than four out of five of the AC vents inside of your home open. It is better to leave all of them open. To limit both your maintenance needs and your energy use, you might be closing these off in rooms that are unoccupied. This, however, can place a considerable amount of stress on the air conditioning unit if too many air vents are shut. Keeping vents closed can also boost your energy spending as the result of the additional stress.

6. Clean Outdoors

Once each week, look for debris in and around your AC unit. Take a look at the top of this equipment and inspect each side. Get rid of any leaves, sticks, dead insects, pollen or grass. This is a form of routine cleaning reduces any obstructions that affect the energy efficiency of your system.

7. Check For Sufficient Clearance

Never store or place anything within two feet of your outside air conditioning equipment. For instance, this is not the place to store your wheelbarrow or plant a bush. Always keep nearby shrubs and trees well-trimmed. This promotes better airflow and ensures overall safety.

8. Devices For Safety

Even though air conditioning systems are a lot safer than most appliances, they sometimes cause fires and the may release harmful carbon monoxide into the home. Be sure to install new batteries into alarms for smoke and CO. These devices should be tested before the start of the summer. They should also be replaced once they start to fail.

AC Tune-Up Kingston PA

image of air conditioning tune-up in kingston paWhile there’s definitely some spending and effort involved in these maintenance tasks, they can help you save a considerable amount of money over time. Regular maintenance also protects resident health and keeps people comfortable throughout the summer. Be sure to connect with a professional HVAC technician whenever this system starts malfunctioning.
Ace-Robbins offers affordable and professional heating and air conditioning system services. If you haven’t scheduled a tune-up yet, be sure to do so immediately. This will allow you to enjoy a much more comfortable home at a fraction of the cost. Let our NATE certified HVAC contractors get your system operating as it should. We have been in in the heating and cooling industry since 1961 with a proven track record of satisfied customers.
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Ace-Robbins is proud to be an authorized Mitsubishi contractor. This means that we have exhibited superior heating and cooling services to receive such a designation. Not all HVAC contractors can claim this. Mitsubishi offers some of the best heaters and air conditioners on the market. To learn more about Mitsubishi systems, click here.
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heating and cooling repairs
The average household spends around $2,000 or more on energy bills on an annual basis. This is according to the DOE or the U.S. Department of Energy. Half of that amount is attributed to home heating and cooling. A programmable thermostat may help you save some cash. Here’s a few tips to help you.

Learn How The Thermostat Works

image of homeowner using programmable thermostat in Dallas PA A study from the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab discovered that more than half of Americans never change default settings on their thermostats. This is because they don’t know how to do it. This is shocking because thermostats come with guides and instruction manuals. Those with the internet can easily look up tutorials on programmable thermostats. You will not be able to lower your energy expenses if you don’t know how your thermostat operates.

Energy Saving Mode

When nobody is at home, you can set the thermostat to energy saving mode. When you’re not using your system to cool or heat your home, then the energy saving mode is a good option to use. For example, it’s recommended that you dial down your thermostat during the winter.  This can be achieved by going down 5-8 degrees when you are not going to be in your home for a few hours during the cold weather. Similarly, you can turn up your thermostat 5-8 degrees during the summer. You can also stick to the same range in the evening time. By doing this, you will lower your energy bill because you’ll be reducing your energy consumption.

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Use Hold Or Vacation Features Properly

Unless you plan on going on vacation or being away from home for a bit of time, then don’t use the vacation or hold feature. This will actually lead to energy inefficiency if you do this on a regular basis. You can avoid this issue by setting your thermostat a few degrees lower when you are away from the home in the wintertime. Setting your thermostat a few degrees higher in the summer will help too. Feel free to use the feature on the weekends, especially if nobody is going to be home.

Avoid Temperature Swings

Don’t raise and lower your temperature settings by a large margin. Doing this will not result in your home being cooled or heated faster. The only exception to the rule is if a thermostat is equipped with recovery features. These types of thermostats are designed to reach the pre-set temperature at the time that was set. It’s still a good idea to monitor the thermostat’s performance because this will help you figure out the best way of heating or cooling your home adequately.

Thermostat Inspections

Perform regular thermostat inspections to make sure it is working the way it should. If the thermostat’s display indicates low battery, then change the batteries right away. Remember, if a thermostat doesn’t function properly, then you won’t lower your energy expenses.

Multiple Heating & Cooling Zones

Most households only have one thermostat. However, some homes benefit from using multiple programmable thermostats. This is a good idea because you can accurately customize your heating and cooling. Hire a professional to install additional thermostats because they will adhere to regulations and standards pertaining to electrical engineering.

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Programmable Thermostat Dallas PA

If you want to reduce your domestic energy consumption, then install a programmable thermostat. Generally speaking, this kind of thermostat can reduce annual energy bills by up to $180. In order to enjoy these kinds of benefits, then learn how your thermostat operates, use the vacation & hold features properly, create multiple zones for heating & cooling and don’t make extreme thermostat setting changes. Always make sure your thermostat is working properly.
Ace-Robbins offers affordable and professional heater and air conditioning services. We also install programmable thermostats which will allow you to start reducing your energy costs. All of our HVAC contractors are NATE certified which means that, when you hire us, you will be working with a contractor that has the best training available in the industry. We have been in in the heating and cooling industry since 1961 with a proven track record of satisfied customers.
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Ace-Robbins is proud to be a Mitsubishi Diamond contractor. This means that we have successfully qualified to meet the standards that Mitsubishi has set forth to receive this designation. Such a designation is based on training, professionalism, and a high standard of customer service. When you call us, you know that you are in good hands. Click here to learn about our Mitsubishi products.

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how to make your home more energy efficientAll homeowners want an energy efficient home. As the cold winter months pass by and the warm weather arrives, it is important to do a few things to achieve a home that uses less energy. We want to point out that heating and cooling makes up for over half of domestic energy consumption.
What does this mean for you? It means you can save a lot of cash in the long run, as well as the short run by making improvements around the home. In this article, we will explore ways that homeowners can make a huge difference on their energy bills.

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Making Your Home Energy Efficient

The only way you’ll make your home truly energy efficient is if you know where your energy is being wasted. For example, around 25% of energy is wasted via gaps and holes around door frames and windows. When cold air leaves the home, then warm air makes its way inside. This means that the cooling system has to work much harder. Remember, 25% of the cold air that escapes will get replaced with warmer air. In turn, the air conditioner will have to cool down that air. These gaps and holes can lead to uneven temperatures throughout the home. Therefore, the overall comfort level can decrease. Not only that, but your monthly energy bills will start to increase.

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Detecting Air Leaks

If you want to detect drafts and air leaks in your home, then hire a professional HVAC contractor. The sooner you detect and seal leaks, the sooner you can start to lower cooling costs. Contractors have the experience, tools, and equipment to help them find air leaks. However, if you don’t want to hire a contractor, then there are a few DIY options at your disposal.
image of energy efficient home and air conditioning tune up in Scranton PAAn incense stick is all you need to detect air leaks. Simply light it up and bring it around to the high risk areas in your home. These areas include door frames and windows, as well as other outlets. If everything is fine, then the smoke should go upwards and disperse as it reaches the ceiling. However, if the smoke goes inwards then there’s a chance you have an air leak somewhere in that area. To make things easier on yourself, mark the areas that have leaks and after you’re done with your inspection, then you can go back and seal them up.
Look for cobwebs too. Spiders like to be near areas where there is a little bit of air flow. If there are cobwebs present, then you probably have an air leak nearby. Don’t forget to mark the areas where there are suspected leaks and then go back to seal them.

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Sealing Your Home

There’s a number of ways to seal leaks. You can use weather stripping, spray foam, or caulking. Feel free to use the cheapest material you can find or the one that is easily available to you. If you are not comfortable or confident in your ability to seal leaks, then don’t hesitant to hire a professional. A contractor can inspect your entire home and then seal areas where there is a leak present. You can save money by sealing leaks, so it is worth hiring a professional HVAC contractor. Plus, they will get the job done right the first time around and they will get things done fast.

AC Tune-Up Scranton PA

After you remove drafts in your home, you should still call a heating and cooling contractor. They can inspect your air conditioning system and perform an AC tune-up. This, too, will improve the energy efficiency in your home and lower cooling costs. Give Ace-Robbins a call today and let our NATE certified HVAC contractors perform the work your AC system needs. Call now to speak with one of our home comfort specialists.
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image of an air conditioner repair and HVAC contractor in Meshoppen PAEvery homeowner needs to find a reputable and highly trained air conditioning technician. This is due to the fact that their HVAC system is quite complex and requires regular tune-ups, check-ups and repairs.
Unfortunately, many homeowners face some challenges when looking for the right technician for their air conditioning repair or maintenance needs. Many homeowners claim that it is hard to find one because they are unsure of what they are looking for. Here are a few things to consider when looking for a heating and cooling expert:
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Training And Certification

You need to ensure that your technician has the relevant industry-specific training. Additionally, he or she must have acquired a certification from respective state certification boards. Since certifications vary from state-to-state, you need to know the regulations in the state that you live in. However, there are nation-wide certification regulations that will apply to all technicians regardless of the state in which they practice. For example, all technicians receive an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification issued after passing an EPA approved examination. Only consider a technician who has at least the minimum state insurance coverage.

Continuous Education

Technicians who continuously update their education are aware of the current industry trends such as energy efficiency. In addition, continued education allows technicians to be updated on the most recent regulations governing their practice. Technicians who are not updated on current issues in air conditioning are out of touch with the industry requirements and standards which will directly impact your home if you were to hire them.
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AC unitIt is advisable to hire only experienced HVAC technicians who have a considerable amount of hands-on experience. Technicians are required to have a specified period of experience before they get the kind of certification needed by certain states. Ask whether the technician is full-time or part-time. Part time technicians are less experienced compared to full-time technicians since their ideal day has fewer hours. So, be sure to consider this factor first. When evaluating the amount of experience, be sure to consider the actual man hours spent. Do not focus on the calendar years one has been working as a technician.
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For beginners, experience is completely different from expertise. Expertise refers to the skill of a technician. It varies from one technician to another. You can find out the expertise of your technician by checking the recommendations and testimonials from online reviews from people who have had an experience with the professional. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a good online rating platform from which you can check or ascertain the expertise of a technician. Although expertise comes with higher prices, you pay for what you get in return.


Reputation is the track record that clients have with the technician. Some of the things to look for include the ability to communicate, attention to detail, honesty, and the level of professionalism. A cooling technician with a good reputation has the ability to create and maintain lasting customer relationships with his or her clients. You can always ask for references as well. A reputable HVAC contractor will gladly give you some. Check the references to be sure of the technician’s reputation.

Air Conditioner Repair Meshoppen PA

When retaining an air conditioner technician, be sure to review all the above. This includes experience, expertise, continuous education, training, and certification. Do not base your evaluation of the HVAC contractor on the price of the service since price may sometimes not reflect the quality of service you will receive in return.
Ace-Robbins offers professional air conditioning services that will keep your cooling system working efficiently and effectively. When you maintain your air conditioner, it will last a long time and it helps prevent costly repairs. Be sure to contact us when you need to service your unit. We have been in in the HVAC industry since 1961 with a proven track record of satisfied customers.
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attic insulationWhen the weather turns cold, many homeowners start making preparations. When they begin to experience chilly drafts in their home, then they start thinking about their insulation. However, proper insulation is important not only during the cold winter, but also during the heat of summer. It can provide an effective barrier against outdoor temperatures. During the winter, it helps keep cold air from entering your home. When summer comes, it can help keep the heat out.
Of course, it’s not hard to forget about your home’s insulation. This is especially true because insulation is hidden in the attic or behind walls. You know the old adage, “out of sight, out of mind”. It’s much more than a catch phrase in this situation. An attic that has been properly insulated will ensure that the home’s cooling system is protected. It does this by minimizing the amount of wear and tear that is placed on the HVAC equipment. AC and heater equipment work harder when insulation is insufficient. With good insulation, your A/C certainly won’t have to do as much cooling. Spring is a great time to assess the amount of insulation in your attic. Make sure that there is enough to keep it cool during the long hot summer months.
Learn How To Reduce Drafts To Reduce Energy Costs

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Why Put Insulation In The Attic?

insulation and AC maintenance in kingston paWhen your attic isn’t properly insulated, you’re just wasting money. You might question why insulate a part of your home that is not used or is only used for storage. The answer is quite simple. Proper ventilation and sufficient insulation are key factors in controlling temperature and moisture levels in your home. This is true regardless of the season.
Heating and cooling your home generally account for approximately half of the energy used in your home. Heated and cooled air escapes through your attic. Therefore, you need to make sure that your attic is properly insulated. You need to check the condition of your insulation. Make sure you have the correct R-Value for your area. If necessary, upgrade accordingly. In many homes, the amount of heated or air conditioned air that escapes through the attic can be as high as 20%. When you upgrade or add to your attic’s insulation, it can help reduce energy costs.

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Check Existing Insulation For Its R-Value

If you want to know if you have sufficient insulation in your attic, you’ll need to check your current insulation for its R-Value. The R-Vale is a measurement of the insulation’s ability to resist heat transfer. You can go up into your attic and check your insulation’s R-Value yourself. However, heating and cooling professionals, who work with insulation on a daily basis, will be able to easily determine this for you. The R-Value of your insulation can decrease if the insulation is old, sparse or even missing in some places.

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You should have insulation in your attic with a minimum R-Value rating of 30. If your attic has insulation that is blown-in, then it needs to be a minimum of 8.5 inches covering the floor of your attic. R-Value is a cumulative measure. Therefore, it is perfectly acceptable to install new insulation right over your existing insulation. When you add new insulation, make sure that you also reinforce the insulation around windows, attic doors, and any other openings.
At the same time that you are evaluating your current insulation, be sure to inspect your home’s ductwork. Consider wrapping your ducts when they are not wrapped with insulation. This helps with reducing loss from your air conditioner and heating system.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Kingston PA

When you perform these simple measures, you’ll be able to significantly reduce your home’s energy bills during both the summer as well as the winter. Additionally, you’ll get even more benefit from taking these steps because your HVAC system will not have to work so hard. This can help ensure maximum life expectancy from your equipment. This is another excellent way to save money. Of course, it can also reduce unnecessary repairs. If you’re ready to go above these measures, schedule an annual air conditioning tune up for your HVAC system. This is an important part of air conditioner maintenance.
When you need air conditioning services or heating services, be sure to call the professionals at Ace-Robbins. Our HVAC contractors are certified and therefore, have the skills that are required to make your home more energy efficient and comfortable. Be sure to give us a call today to discuss your home heating or cooling needs with one of our specialists.
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air conditioner maintenanceThe key to extending the life of most home systems is proper maintenance. Think of it this way, you would not dream of allowing your valuable vehicle to go 200 thousand miles without giving it an oil change now would you?

There Is No Better Time Than Now To Set An Appointment

The same way that you take care of your car, there is no better time than spring to budget for and schedule a tune up for your air conditioner. Maintenance appointments are surprisingly simple and quick, but they are important when it comes to preventing minor issues from becoming major expenses in the future.
Also, by planning ahead for a spring tune up to your A/C unit, you will be skipping long wait times which characterize peak season maintenance.
It should surprise no one that preventative AC maintenance and cleanliness are important factors for keeping your cooling system operating safely and efficiently. When your AC is operating efficiently, you will save money over time while enjoying lower energy bills.
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Tuning Up An Air Conditioner Is No Do-It-Yourself Task

It is always best to leave tune ups to the professionals. To receive comprehensive HVAC services, you should schedule an appointment with a certified professional technician. Assuming you are not a trained technician, the truth is that trying to tune up your own A/C may actually cause damage or failure of the system.

What Does Air Conditioner Maintenance Involve?

image of professional air conditioner maintenance in Scranton PATo begin with, trained AC professional technicians are experienced in tracking down problems in the making. They inspect and thoroughly clean the air conditioning unit while they are servicing it. During this process, they look for any signs that wear and tear can be prevented. This alone has the potential to save on expensive future repairs.
As HVAC professionals go about their business of tuning up the system during annual tune ups, they use a special cleaning solution to clean all parts of the unit, including the coils and motor. This keeps this important equipment in top shape.
Dirt and greasy buildup can harm moving parts of your A/C, so this cleaning is vital. The unit can also be stained by grimy build up which also affects its performance. You can extend the life of your cooling system by having it cleaned at least once each year.
Although a good cleaning is a vital maintenance step, it is not all that is done during a yearly tune up. The following actions will also be taken by the technician:

Schedule An Air Conditioner Tune-Up

Here are some additional tips that are equally as important as professional care:

Air Conditioner Tune-up Service Scranton PA

Don’t put off calling to schedule spring maintenance for your AC. A call today can mean you will save time and money and receive great performance from your air conditioner. Regular tune ups are vital for all units regardless of their age whether new or old.
Ace-Robbins has been serving the residents of Northeastern Pennsylvania since the 1960s. Since then, we have been an industry leader of heating and cooling services. We specialize in the maintenance, the repair, and the installation of all makes and models of air conditioners and heaters. Be sure to give us a call to schedule your annual air conditioning tune-up so that your cooling system is ready to go when the hot weather arrives. Click here to explore the many services that we have to offer.
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