Dear Friends,

No one knows what this winter will serve up. Heck, I still do not know what to call this year. Leap Over This Year?

Anyway, in studying trends in our business, is there actually any upside to this COVID-19 crisis? Did the federal government just revert from 40 years of global capitalism? Were we not able to see it through all the negative messaging from the media? (Most of them are in business to make money, not deliver news.)

In less than three months, the United States government was able to accomplish what American Express has been trying for years during the holiday season — that is, “shop local.”

Without our even realizing the benefits of shopping locally, there has been an incredibly positive effect on our environment. Products made or produced locally use fewer fossil fuels to bring to the table. We drive fewer miles, and we spend more time focusing on one another. Small businesses are not a price tag on your garment. Your neighbors, friends and small business owners understand better than anybody else. Every customer is a great customer. Every one.

The third thing I think happened was something that may be slowly taking place under a Republican administration, having continued from a Democratic administration. That’s the growth of United States jobs. The focus is to bring manufacturing jobs and our agriculture production back to the United States.

All in one year and during a pandemic, we went from working very long hours to something more normal. Retail businesses close at a reasonable hour, and if you need something on a Sunday, you might just have to wait till Monday.


Abe Kukuchka
Director of Distribution

While few people could have predicted the massive disruption we have faced since the spring, in some ways we have been preparing our business for this for years.

After several destructive storms, our company decided that we needed to invest in technology to make it possible to service customers even if our physical office was shut down. That has really paid off for our customers and our team.

Our technicians all have handheld computers. Technicians can be dispatched from home, and they have access to all customer records and service histories.

Our drivers have onboard computers that allow us to give them their delivery stops and routes electronically.

Our customers can look up account information online, pay bills with credit cards or a bank draft, choose paperless billing, and more.

Our fuel storage terminal gives us unequaled access to supply in the event of shortages.

Feel confident that we are better positioned to meet the current challenge than virtually any other fuel company in the area.

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Home is our haven, an escape from the turbulent outside world. That’s why we’ve filled these pages with information that we hope will make you as safe and comfortable as possible — all the time.

More Dangerous Than Poppies

The wicked witch attempted to use poppies to send Dorothy into a permanent sleep. Carbon monoxide (CO) can do that for real.

CO is created when any kind of fuel is burned, but it’s vented safely to the outside. That’s why it’s important to have all fuel-burning devices serviced regularly by a professional. This will ensure that your equipment is operating properly.

Because CO is a toxic, invisible and odorless gas, you should already have CO detectors installed around your home, especially near all bedrooms. Remember to test the detectors about once a month.

A faulty burner or furnace can cause a CO leak. Other causes of CO leaks can include:

CO poisoning symptoms include fatigue, dizziness and nausea. If you suspect a CO leak, get fresh air right away by opening doors and windows and leave the house before calling for help.

Watch your pets

Signs of CO poisoning can show up in pets before they appear in humans. If a pet seems sick or is unusually slow to wake up, take it outside, check your carbon monoxide detectors and open the windows in your home. Also, get your pet to the veterinarian right away.

5 Ways to Feel Right at Home with Propane

There are many ways you can take advantage of propane’s efficiency and versatility to make your home more comfortable. Here are five ideas.

  1. Install a propane fireplace or log set. Vented propane hearths give you all the benefits of wood fireplaces without the chimney, mess or cleanup—at a fraction of the installation cost.
  2. Warm up to a propane space heater. Do you have rooms that are drafty and cold? Do you do a lot of work in your garage? Vented propane gas space heaters are easy to install, efficient and safe. They also burn cleaner than electric and oil space heaters.
  3. Upgrade to a new propane furnace. Propane gas furnaces are best in their class in terms of efficiency, with ratings from 90% to 98% efficient. A propane furnace can provide affordable warmth and comfort for any size floor plan.
  4. Go tankless. Swap out your old electric tank water heater for an innovative tankless propane unit. You’ll cut down on your water heating bills and enjoy a virtually endless supply of hot water.
  5. Upgrade your old electric stove to a propane range/cooktop. This will give you much better temperature control and heat distribution than electric models. Why not discover all the benefits of a propane cooktop for yourself?

Propane — the more appliances you have, the more you’ll love it! For more upgrade ideas, contact us and we’ll be glad to give you expert advice.

The Yellow Brick Road to Savings

Technological breakthroughs have brought in a new era of higher efficiency and big savings for anyone who uses oilheat.

The combination of increasingly efficient oil heating systems and continuous improvements with ultra‑low-sulfur Bioheat® fuel is the one-two punch that will help homeowners in the years ahead.

Heating Season To-Do List

Whether you use propane or oil, you may qualify for a tank monitor, which you can use in combination with our automatic delivery service.

This device keeps track of your fuel usage wirelessly, so we will always know the actual amount of fuel in your tank. You’ll know too, thanks to the free Tank Utility app, which you can download to your phone.

A wireless tank monitor is highly recommended for customers who are away for extended periods in the winter.

If you still prefer to call for deliveries, be more cautious than usual about the amount of notice you give us for your delivery. Contact us if you see that your oil tank has reached 25% full — or 30% for a propane tank.

Please let us know if you would like to enroll in our free automatic delivery program or to find out more about getting a tank monitor installed.

Some customers wonder if it would make sense to switch from oil heat to propane. As a “dual fuel” company that installs and services both oil and propane heating equipment, we can give you an objective opinion on which fuel may best suit your family’s needs.

There are no shortages of quality-of-life benefits that come with expanding your use of propane. These include a warm, comfortable home, plenty of hot water, clothes that last longer, protection against power outages, an extended outdoor season, extra money in your pocket and much more.

Contact us today. We’re ready to help!

No one knows what will happen next, but there is a chance we will face a resurgence of COVID-19 in our area, with all its attendant challenges.

We sincerely hope that the disease has not taken any loved ones from you. And we hope that you, your family and your friends are staying as safe as possible.

We have an unbelievable team here; they make us proud every day with their willingness to take care of our customers when it matters most. They have been extraordinarily flexible and committed, and we could go on for hours with stories of how they put the needs of our customers first.

We have taken many steps to minimize the risks to them and to you. We will all need to be flexible and patient with one another as we adapt to the new challenges we face. We appreciate the trust you’ve placed in our family to keep you warm — more than words can convey.