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Will Call Customers – Is It Time for a Propane or Heating Oil Refill?

Written on: November 12, 2018

Thinking while on the phone
Quick: How much propane or heating oil is in your tank right now?
If you’re an Ace-Robbins Will Call customer, the amount of fuel in your tank should always be somewhere in the back of your mind – especially during a cold snap, when you’re probably using more of it than you realize hour by hour.
If you’re a person with a knack for that kind of detail, you will probably have a good sense of when it’s time for a heating oil or propane delivery – which you should always do when the tank is no less than one-quarter full.
But if you’re like the rest of us, the distractions of life – work, school, kids, and other responsibilities – can quickly take over the space in your mind that used to be reserved for how full your tank is, until one day (hopefully not on the coldest day of the year), you find yourself in a no heat emergency.
And that’s no fun.
If you’re a Will Call customer, check your heating oil or propane tank today – if you need a top-off, early to mid-fall is one of the best times to get it, since we’re not yet in the period of peak demand for the season. Wait another couple of weeks and you could pay more for your propane or heating oil – and you will be in a longer line to get it, too.
Of course you can completely avoid having to remember to fill your tank if you sign up for FREE automatic fuel delivery from Ace-Robbins. Available for heating oil or propane, automatic delivery works by estimating your fill-ups based on your past usage and the current weather. With automatic delivery, you will never have to think about managing your fuel supply again.
For reliable heating oil and propane deliveries anywhere in our Pennsylvania service area, no one beats the pros at Ace-Robbins. Contact us today to learn more or become an Ace-Robbins customer!