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Will a Ductless Mitsubishi A/C Save You Money?

Written on: April 22, 2019

Save money
You have probably heard (perhaps on this very blog) that ductless cooling systems (also called mini-split systems) are incredibly efficient.
The question is why is this the case?
In general – assuming professional A/C installation and size matching – ductless air conditioners are much more efficient than window A/Cs, and could even be more efficient than a conventional central air conditioning system.
There are three main reasons for this:

  1. Central air conditioning ducts can develop substantial air leaks; in fact, up to 20 percent of the air you paid to cool may never even reach your living space. Because ductless cooling systems are…well, ductless…all the cool air goes where it belongs.
  2. Air handlers (the indoor component in a ductless system) use less power than the single large air handler in an A/C connected to ducts – which means you’ll spend less money on energy to run them.
  3. With a ductless system, it’s easier to set up super-efficient cooling zones – air handlers can be sized to meet the cooling load of a specific space, and each can be controlled with a separate thermostat. With this set-up, you can “spend” your conditioned air in rooms that need it most rather than evenly throughout your home.

Great for supplemental cooling, too

Of course, ductless cooling systems aren’t ideal for every home: if you already have ductwork installed, you’re probably best off sticking with a high efficiency central air unit. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of some of the unique benefits of a ductless system as a supplemental cooling solution in problem rooms, home additions, shops, and more.
Not sure what the best way to cool your home might be? We can help. Contact the cooling experts at Ace-Robbins today to get a FREE, no obligation estimate on a new, high efficiency Mitsubishi ductless or central air conditioning system for your Tunkhannock, PA-area home.