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Why Ultra Low Sulfur Oil Is Important

Written on: February 20, 2023

A Cleaner & More Efficient Alternative

low sulfur heating oil Tunkhannock, pa At Ace-Robbins we provide our customers with dependable and affordable heating oil delivery that keeps them warm all winter long. That’s something you can count on and appreciate during a winter like the one we’re having this year. We’ve already seen record-breaking cold in some areas. When the temps drop, you want to know that you have a heating oil supplier you can trust to keep you and your family warm and comfortable in your Pennsylvania home.

In addition to dependable and affordable delivery services, Ace-Robbins allows you to choose from several delivery options. We offer a free automatic delivery service that greatly reduces the risk of having a run-out. For those customers whose tanks qualify, we offer wireless tank monitor leasing for a nominal fee. And for customers who prefer to keep a watchful eye on their own tank and call for delivery when they’re running low, we have a will-call delivery option too. At Ace-Robbins, you can pick the delivery option that works best for you.

Our Heating Oil Is Cleaner & More Efficient

Progress is everywhere, and the oil heat industry is no different. The products currently available are cleaner and more efficient than their predecessors. This is in part due to significantly lower sulfur levels.

Several years ago, Pennsylvania required a transition to a low-sulfur blend that would require a 75% reduction in the sulfur content of heating oil. Because of our commitment to the environment and the well-being of our customers, Ace-Robbins did above and beyond what was required. Our heating oil contains 99% less sulfur than standard heating oil.

Ace-Robbins is a leader in providing the best heating oil product in Pennsylvania. So in addition to great service, you get a superior heating oil product when you’re one of our customers. The heating oil we deliver has an ultra-low sulfur content. That means that every gallon of heating oil we put in your tank will burn more cleanly and with lower emission levels than standard heating oil. And since ultra-low-sulfur heating oil leaves fewer deposits on heat exchanges, you’ll also enjoy better efficiency and easier maintenance. So you’ll be saving money as well as doing something positive for the environment just by being our heating oil customer.

A Closer Look at Low-Sulfur Heating Oil

Low-sulfur heating oil is better than traditional heating oil in a few ways. A buildup of sulfur in your heating system can lead to maintenance issues that cost you money. So using a low-sulfur heating oil will save you money on maintenance costs. You’ll also save money on your energy bills because low sulfur heating oil is more efficient than heating oil with a higher sulfur content. The heating oil Ace-Robbins delivers isn’t just low-sulfur, it’s ultra-low-sulfur. So you get the maximum benefit in terms of better efficiency, lower emissions, and fewer maintenance issues.

Count on Ace-Robbins

Ace-Robbins is the number one home heating oil provider in Tunkhannock, Towanda, Wyalusing, Wysox, Laceyville, Montrose, Clarks Summit, and Scranton. So make us your heating oil provider and get the benefits of using our superior ultra-low-sulfur heating oil.

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