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Why a Tune-Up? Why a Service Plan?

service plan

Imagine a sweltering day in August, in the middle of a heat wave. Suddenly, your air conditioning stops working. You can greatly reduce the chances of this happening by making sure your system is ready for summer before you need it with our air conditioning tune-up service.

Schedule your service today, and a technician will come to your home and clean your condenser coils, check the coolant level, inspect ductwork, check your blower belt and much more. In short, we will cover all the bases to make sure your system is ready for the rigors of summer.

A tune-up not only helps you avoid problems; it saves you money too. A well-tuned system is more efficient, which translates into lower costs.

Spring is an ideal time to consider our Cooling Maintenance Plan, which includes your annual tune-up, a discount on repairs and priority service. If you participate in our EZ Pay Plan, we can roll the cost into your monthly payment.

No matter what you decide, remember that our goal is to deliver real value for you every day, and we are committed to your comfort in spring, summer and all year round.