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When Should I Buy Propane In Pennsylvania?

Written on: August 26, 2019

Propane delivery pennsylvania
As another heat wave descends on Pennsylvania, leaving a sweaty mess in its wake, you’re probably not thinking a whole lot about buying propane gas.
But maybe you should be.
In summer, demand for propane is lower than it is in heating season – but once the first cool nights start to arrive here in PA, you’ll be joining the thousands of Pennsylvania homeowners who will all need propane at the same time. That demand could (and usually does) cause propane prices to spike – which can make buying propane in the summer a good investment.

More ways to save on propane

Of course when it comes to propane prices, nothing is certain, since so many unpredictable factors influence the price of propane gas (the weather and the global economy, to name two).
That’s why Ace-Robbins offers services like our EZ Pay Plan to help keep your propane bills more manageable (you can learn more about the details of this convenient service here).
If saving money is the name of the game for you (as it is for most smart people), there are many ways to do it when it comes to heating your home – by making your building more energy efficient, for example (we’ll talk about ideas for that in future blogs).

Other ideas for propane savings include:

Need propane for your Tunkhannock-area home? Contact us today to become an Ace-Robbins propane customer. You’ll get the most safe, reliable, and affordable propane delivery service in Wyoming County, plus expert service for your propane-fired heating equipment.