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What Type of Generator Do I Need?

Written on: March 18, 2024

Are You Ready for a Power Outage?

Here in Eastern Pennsylvania, there are a lot of reasons to prepare yourself for power outages. First of all there are plenty of non-weather-related events that can cause a power outage. The power grid could fail. A car accident could knock down a power line. There are also weather-related reasons for a power outage. Storms can fell trees that fall into power lines and leave your in the dark. If you’ve considered adding a generator to your home to be prepared for a power outage, you may be trying to choose between a portable generator or a standby generator—also called a whole-house generator. Let’s take a look at the differences and which type of generator you need to be best prepared for a power outage in your Wyoming County, PA neighborhood.

Portable vs Whole-House Generators

There are a number of differences between a portable and a whole-house generator. Let’s take a look at several of them:

Perhaps you’ve already noticed or hear on the news that the frequency of power outages has been steadily increasing. As a homeowner, you can give yourself peace of mind and prepare your home for the unexpected by investing in a propane whole-house generator. This is the best way to ensure there’s minimal interruption to your comfort, safety, and quality of life during a power outage.

Ace-Robbins provides both whole-house generator installation and propane delivery. The whole-house generators we install are made by Generac, another company you can trust.

Reasons to Choose a Whole-House Generator

There are a number of reasons to choose a whole-house generator like the Generac whole-house generator Ace-Robbins installs. A whole-house generator will keep all the electrical items in your Wyoming County, PA home running with almost no interruption. Less than one minute from when the power goes out, your generator will kick in and start powering your entire HVAC system and all your home’s electrical appliances. Having a whole-house generator means you’ll be able to do more than just keep the lights on; you will also be able to keep your family safe and comfortable and protect your home and valuables in the following ways:

  1. Protect your food. Your fridge and freezer will still be working and so will your stove and oven. That means no food needs to spoil and you can keep cooking.
  2. Protect your home. You’ll avoid expensive water damage because you’ll still be able to use your electric-powered sump-pump. During the winter months, since your home heating system will still be working, you’ll avoid the stress and expense of frozen or burst pipes.
  3. Protect your loved ones and valuables. If anyone in your home depends on medical equipment, a whole-house generator will keep it up and running. In addition, with your generator running, your home security system will continue to protect your household.
  4. Protect your connection. Keep all your important electronic devices charged. Stay connected, informed, and entertained while you and your family ride out the storm.
  5. Protect your comfort. If the power goes out during a heatwave, your generator will make sure your home’s HVAC system continues to keep your home comfortably warm (or cool in the summer months). Know this, even if you have a gas furnace or boiler, you need electricity for important components, including safety monitoring and ignition systems. So, without electricity, your home can’t stay warm during cold weather. A whole-house generator solves that problem.

How Much Propane Do You Need?

How much propane do you need to be ready to ride out a power outage? As a general rule of thumb, we recommend that you should have enough propane in your tank to keep your generator running for one week if there’s a power outage.

Whenever you need more propane, contact Ace-Robbins to schedule your next propane delivery or sign up for automatic delivery. You can rely on us for safe, reliable, and affordable propane delivery.

Keep Ace Up Your Sleeve

If you’re in Clarks Summit, Towanda, or Lake Winola in Eastern Pennsylania, let Ace-Robbins help you get peace of mind with a Generac whole-house generator and reliable propane delivery.

Get peace of mind with a Generac whole-house backup generator. Contact Ace-Robbins today to learn more or to get started.