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How Often Should Your Water Heater Be Serviced?

Written on: February 1, 2021

water heater repair pennsylvaniaIf you have a conventional water heater (one with a storage tank), you can expect it to last an average of 10 to twelve years. There are several factors that can influence that lifespan, including how well it was installed, where you place the water heater, and the chemistry of your municipal or well water.

But perhaps the most important factor in the longevity of your conventional water heater is how well it is maintained over the years.

Routine water heater maintenance will help purge your storage tank of sediment, which accumulates as minerals leach from your main water supply over time. At minimum, you should flush your tank at least once – and preferably twice – a year (flushing entails emptying your storage tank using a hose, then refilling it with clean water; it’s a relatively easy process that you can do yourself, or we can do it for you).

A second routine water heater maintenance task is to check the condition of your anode rod. Sometimes called a “sacrificial rod,” an anode rod is a steel core wire surrounded with either aluminum, magnesium or zinc draw that draws corrosive elements within the water in your tank to itself, keeping them away from the tank walls. A typical anode rod will last about five years – about half that long if you use a water softener. If your anode rod is spent, your tank will quickly corrode, which could eventually lead to a costly tank failure and flood.

When Is Professional Water Heater Maintenance Needed?

If you’re not able to flush your tank yourself, it’s a good idea have water heater maintenance performed by a professional every year. If you do your own tank flushing, every other year is enough to cover routine tasks like inspection and a deep cleaning of the water heater’s coils, rods, and other pieces.

4 Signs That You Need Professional Water Heater Repair

Of course, there are times when your water heater needs more than routine maintenance; when those times come, always call a water heater professional. Here are four warning signs that your equipment needs expert attention.

  1. Leaks– Leaks are never a good sign for a water heater, since they often mean your tank is corroding from the inside. Check for leaks around your hot water heater at least once a month; look for drips, a damp carpet, or a musty smell surrounding the water heater.
  2. Rusty water – Rusty water is a sign of corrosion – the question is from where? Corrosion can occur in the storage tank or in your plumbing pipes – a professional can help troubleshoot the problem.
  3. Low water pressure – Low water pressure could be a sign of sediment build-up, a problem with your pipes, or a faulty installation.
  4. Clicking sounds – Clicking, clanging, and popping sounds could indicate that your water heater is actually overheating, which will reduce efficiency and could become a hazard for your family.

Remember, when in doubt, always contact a water heater pro!

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