Waiting on the World to Change

Abe and baby Arden

WELL, THE WAIT IS OVER! My beautiful wife, Alison, our daughters, Avery Grace and Ashton Violet, and I welcomed Arden Mary just over two months ago. And, just like that, we became the Fab Five. Change can happen in the blink of an eye.

I witness change every day, but I don’t often realize it is happening. I have to take business trips often. After Avery became a toddler, I grew accustomed to her greeting me at the door wanting nothing but a hug and kiss. Now when I come home, I have two at the door. Avery, now almost six, tells me how much she missed me and wants to know what I got her, while Ashton, officially a toddler, jumps up and down yelling a jumbled chant of ‘Dad home.’ I scoop them both up and we all go look for Arden and Mommy. This is our new normal and a welcome change.

Every morning when I leave for work, I know what I am working for: the life I am building. Most people would assume it is easy being in business for yourself. You can pick your own holidays — my favorite still is National Doughnut Day — but let me explain the other side of this coin.

I am talking about the level of government regulation and scrutiny family businesses are under. A quick list off the top of my head is payroll, federal, state and unemployment taxes; Form 5500 for 401(k); state diesel tax; federal diesel tax; gross receipts tax and the list goes on.

So, let’s get to the inspiring thing about my family’s business. It is our incredible ability to be both a family and a business. In our company, the lines between family and business are blurred and intertwined. One moment I am a son, wishing my father happy birthday, the next I am a manager challenging my boss on behalf of my employees.

In working with my father and mother, I have developed patience and understanding that aids me in the ability to work with others. I have the honor of following in my father’s footsteps, and the opportunity to extend his legacy is priceless. I am witnessing change that I helped bring about to improve my workplace and help our business grow. And, after all is said and done, I get to go home to my beautiful girls.


Abe Kukuchka
Director of Distribution