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Trash Compactor Tips For Your Home

Written on: April 20, 2020

Trash compactor tips
The last thing your family needs while sheltering is a trash compactor that smells or breaks down. Here are a few tips to help you efficiently and safely use your trash compactor and avoid problems down the road.

What to put in your trash compactor

Trash compactors can handle a variety of materials, but they aren’t equipped to handle everything.
Most trash compactors, for example, can compress plastic bottles and containers, cardboard boxes, and waxed cartons; some have strong enough gears to crush glass – although this is not advisable, considering it can be a safety hazard (and most glass is recyclable). Check with your trash compactor’s manufacturer to learn more about the approved trash for your appliance.
In general, it is never advisable to throw the following items in your trash compactor if you want to avoid leaks, jammed motors, fires, and other hazards:

Things you should not put into your trash compactor

Cleaning your compactor regularly

If your trash compactor smells bad, it’s probably because bacteria and other nasty microorganisms have formed inside the appliance. Clean your trash compactor regularly, following these steps:
Reduce odors and cleaning times by never throwing meat, poultry waste, onions, dirt, or pet waste into your trash compactor.

Repair or replace a broken compactor quickly

Always call an appliance professional for routine maintenance or repairs on your trash compactor. Trash compactors have important safety features that should be inspected regularly to ensure the appliances are safe. Contact a pro if your compactor:

Stop using your trash compactor if you experience any of the above issues with your compactor.
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