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Our Thank You to Seniors: Save a Nickel a Gallon on Every Gallon of Your Ace-Robbins Heating Oil

Written on: November 15, 2017

Coins and piggy bank
At Ace-Robbins, we’re always looking for ways to take care of the people who took care of us (even if our government doesn’t necessarily agree…but that’s another story).
That’s why we offer customers 65 years of age and older a $.05 discount on every gallon of heating oil you buy from us.
It’s one small way we can help you to get through the long Pennsylvania winter on a tight budget. Want a few more? Here are seven ways to lower your energy use – and heating bills – that will cost you little to no money:

  1. Learn to use your programmable thermostat – Dropping temperatures by 3-4 degrees for eight hours a day can cut your monthly bill by 10 percent or more. Use your thermostat to do that when you’re sleeping or when no one is home.
  2. Keep an eye on your furnace filter – Furnace filters are inexpensive to replace, but a blocked filter can drive up your heating bill quickly. Check your filter at least once a month in the winter – more if you smoke or have furry pets.
  3. Take advantage of ceiling fans – Ceiling fans don’t just help you cool the room – they can also help drive rising warm air back into the room. Just be sure your ceiling fan is spinning clockwise (as you look at it) in the winter; this will push warm air straight down.
  4. Use the sun for free heat – The greenhouse effect may be bad for the environment, but it’s good for your home energy use. Open the curtains to absorb the sun’s heat during the daytime, and close them at night to keep it in.
  5. Close vents in unused rooms – Have a spare room that spends the day empty most of the time? Shut the vents there until you have a guest. Why pay to heat an empty room?
  6. Keep heating sources clear – Keep vents and radiators free of obstructions, including curtains and furniture.
  7. Weatherize – The average home leaks about an open window’s worth of the air you paid to heat through spaces around external-facing doors, windows, and walls. Caulk, weather-stripping, door sweeps and window plastic will take care of much of the problem for a small investment of time and money.

Stay warm for less with Ace-Robbins this winter – Contact us to become a customer today!