Tax Refund on the Way? Invest in Your Home Comfort

Family home comfort

Planning on getting a tax refund this year? Why not invest it in your home comfort and peace of mind?

Buying an appliance may not seem like the sexiest thing you can do with your hard earned money, but think of all the ways that it can improve your quality of life at home! Upgrade your home comfort equipment and you’ll enjoy:

  • Longer showers – Replace your traditional water heater with a high-efficiency tankless water heater and you’ll get unlimited hot water – and pay less to heat it, too (think about that the next time your teenager takes a 30-minute shower).
  • A better – and longer – outdoor entertainment season – Propane can turn your patio and outdoor space into your family’s favorite room – complete with kitchen, a hearth, and gaslights. Add a propane pool heater and propane space heaters and you’ll extend your outdoor season by a month or more, too.
  • Happier kids – Besides the whole heated pool thing, your kids will be happy to know that the propane-powered furnace or boiler you bought doesn’t produce greenhouse gasses, so they’ll have cleaner air to breathe when they get older (they’ll thank you for that one day).
  • Longer-lasting clothes – Today’s high-tech washing machines and clothes dryers work faster, use less energy, and cause less wear and tear on your favorite duds.
  • More peace of mind – When you replace your old air conditioner or heating system with a new model, you’ll not only get better performance – you’ll also get updated warrantee coverage that ensures you’ll enjoy worry-free operation for years to come.
  • More money in your pocket every month – Because today’s high-efficiency equipment cost significantly less to operate than older models, you’ll spend less on monthly bills – leaving you more money for other things.

Ready for a quality of life upgrade for your Pennsylvania home? Contact us today to learn about ways to save hundreds of dollars on new equipment!