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Why Do I Need A Tank Monitor?

Written on: November 9, 2020

tank monitoring simplifies pennsylvaniaWe love automatic heating oil and propane delivery – it’s a great (and FREE) way to simplify your heating season and avoid the hassle, expense, and possible dangers of a fuel run-out.

But an automatic fuel delivery service will never be a perfect solution because it relies on estimates – specifically, how much propane or oil you’ve used in similar months in the past, how much propane an average home your size in our southeastern PA service area uses, and how cold the weather is (measured in “degree days”).

Unexpected Fuel Use

As you’d probably imagine with all that (educated) guesswork going on, automatic delivery works great IF you use an average amount of fuel in a given heating cycle. But what if you don’t?

What if you’ve added a room to your home, or installed a larger furnace or boiler since your average was last calculated? What if your aging parent, who likes the house warm, has moved in with you – or if you installed a propane hearth and didn’t let us know? In those scenarios (and many others), your estimates will probably be off, putting you at risk for a run out.

The good news is there is a way to manage your propane and oil deliveries that removes all possibilities of an unexpected empty tank: install a tank monitor.

What Is A Tank Monitor?

A tank monitor is a device mounted to your tank that keeps up-to-the-minute track of how much fuel is in your tank. That information automatically transmits to our delivery teams (and to you, via a smart phone app) so everyone is up to date on when you need your next fuel delivery. If your fuel use rises or drops, everyone will know it instantly and respond quickly so you’ll never run out.

It’s the future of propane delivery for your Pennsylvania home – brought to you now, for a nominal fee, by the pros at Ace-Robbins.

Want to learn more about oil and propane tank monitoring in southeastern PA – or any of our other convenient fuel delivery services for your home or business? Contact Ace-Robbins today!