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Image Of Heating Oil Delivery Dallas PAThere are many different types of heating fuel, like fuel oil, that can be used to heat both residential and commercial buildings. Heating oil is incredibly popular and widely used in many parts of the country. Many people use fuel oil, or #2 heating oil, since it produces a high value of heat per unit. Another great characteristic of fuel oil is that it can be stored in tanks to be used at a later date. This means that you can purchase it and fill your tank when it is inexpensive during the off season. However, one big drawback of using fuel oil is that if the temperatures get low enough, the oil can end up freezing. This will shut your furnace down for lack of fuel. However, there are easy ways around this.

Why Fuel Oil Freezes

Heating oil tanks are generally stored either above or below ground. When the temperature drops, generally below 35 degrees, the oil will start to become cloudy. This will, however, not play any part in your heater shutting down. At this point, everything should be running normally. As the temperature drops below 20 degrees, the paraffin that is in heating oil will begin to separate from the oil. It will begin to crystallize. These crystals will then begin to cling inside the fuel line. This will slow down the oil flow rate which will often stop your heating system.

What You Need To Do When Your Fuel Oil Freezes

As soon as you have determined that your heating oil has frozen, you need to call someone who can repair the issue. They will be able to get your furnace running again. While you are waiting for this to happen, you need to find an alternative source of heat to keep you and your family warm. A portable heater could work during the day. You can burn some wood in a fireplace. Be sure to put on warm clothes. You can also try to thaw your fuel lines with a hair dryer. However, you need to use extreme caution when operating this electrical appliance in the snow. It is recommended that you contact a professional when you find yourself in this situation.
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Preventing Your Heating Oil From Freezing

Taking steps to prevent your heating oil from freezing is a great plan to undertake. It is much better than trying to fix things after your heating oil freezes. For example, you can:

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It is important that you find the best method to prevent your fuel from freezing during the winter. By following the above tips, you can easily accomplish this. Be sure to discuss your options with a professional heating system expert.
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