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benefits of a dehumidifier with central air conditioning scrantonA dehumidifier is an appliance used to extract excess moisture out of the air in indoor spaces. They help to bring the humidity levels to their recommended 60% during summer and the normal 25% to 40% during winter. Because the average AC unit usually doubles as a dehumidifier, it begs the question, “Why should I install a dedicated dehumidifier for regulating my humidity levels in my central air conditioning Scranton PA home?”
Well, the biggest reason is that your central air conditioning is only capable of removing a specific amount of the moisture from the air. When the humidity levels are higher than normal, your AC won’t be able to remove all of the excess moisture. Scranton, PA residents tend to have central air conditioning systems and the area is known for higher than normal humidity levels. That’s the biggest reason you need to install a separate dedicated dehumidifier.

The Average Relative Humidity In The State Of Pennsylvania

In different parts of Pennsylvania they record different levels of relative humidity year in and year out. For example, the highest level of relative humidity on record was in Williamsport, PA and came in at 83.3%. The lowest was recorded in Harrisburg, PA and landed at 53.7%. When you compare that to the humidity level recommended by the EPA, which is 60%, it is clear that the Pennsylvania humidity levels are above the recommended levels. That’s why the local residents who want to keep their humidity levels at the recommended levels need to install a separate dehumidifier to help keep the moisture content of the air they are breathing at the recommended level.

The Tell-Tale Signs That You Have High Humidity

The best method for monitoring your humidity levels within a home or business setting is by having a digital hygrometer installed. Most AC units have control systems displaying the current humidity and temperature. You can also find wall clocks that can measure humidity levels within a room. However, you don’t have to rely on these humidity indicators to tell whether or not your home has a high humidity level.
Whenever you walk into your house, you’ll notice a musty odor. It’s an uncomfortable smell that is easily detected. Whenever you sit down you’ll notice that your skin is sticky or clammy. That’s because the high humidity keeps the sweat from evaporating off your skin.
Foggy windows are another excellent indicator of high humidity levels. Water droplets will form on your windows due to condensation.

How High Humidity Levels Affect Your Central Air Conditioning

reducing humidity in the homeThe main purpose of having an AC system is to cool and filter the air in your home. Dehumidification can only happen once the air has been cooled and loses its capacity to carry moisture. This results in the forming of condensation around your evaporator coils and is exactly how a dehumidifier works. Whenever there’s an excess of humidity your AC unit is forced to work much harder to lower the indoor temperatures. That’s because humid air has the capacity to carry higher heat than dry air can carry.
Mold is another serious issue. It can begin to grow around your AC unit, releasing mold spore that can contaminate the air. Dust mites are also a problem because they thrive in hot, humid areas. When you have a combination of the two, both dust mites and mold, the quality of your indoor air takes a nose dive. It puts your family and any visitors at risk of developing respiratory problems and allergies.
Pennsylvania residents need to consider hiring a professional HVAC company to install a dehumidifier in their home. It will help to regulate their humidity levels making their homes safer and more comfortable.
A dehumidifier can really make a difference when it comes to your comfort levels even if you have central air conditioning. Pennsylvania is very humid and hot and you don’t want your house feeling that way.  Ace-Robbins offers exceptional air conditioning services that will keep your home comfortable especially it is the peak of the hot summer season. Be sure to contact us when you need air conditioner maintenance. We have been in business since 1961 and since then, we have been providing quality services at an affordable price for the communities of Scranton, Tunkhannock, Wilkes-Barre, and surrounding areas.
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