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Six Ways Propane Can Make Your Summer More Fun!

Written on: June 18, 2019

Make your summer more fun with propane!
Summer’s here…time for some outdoor fun, courtesy of clean, green propane gas!
Propane can help you get more from your summer months. With it you will be able to:

  1. Grill like a pro – A propane barbecue grill offers the same precision temperature control and even heating that you get from your propane range or cooktop – plus the flame broiled goodness of a charcoal barbecue without the mess or set-up time.
  2. Swim on cool nights and mornings – Ever skip your morning or evening dip because the weather is just too cool for comfort? You won’t have to if you use a propane pool heater. Propane can warm up your hot tub, too.
  3. Keep your company cozy – As hot as it gets during summer here in Pennsylvania, it can still get cool enough at night to make your guests uncomfortable –especially toward the end of the season. An outdoor propane space heater will keep your outdoor parties doing well into a cool night – or well into the fall!
  4. Stop the itching – We don’t know what your idea of summer fun is, but we can bet it’s not scratching mosquito bites. With a little help from a propane mosquito trap, you’ll keep the bloodsuckers away without the chemical smells or nasty zapping sounds.
  5. Gather under the stars – Star gazing by the fire is something we humans have been doing a long time – but now we’ve perfected it thanks to the power of propane! With a propane outdoor fireplace, fire table or fire pit, you’ll get all benefits of a campfire at the push of a button, with no set up or clean up.
  6. Keep your garden growing – If you have a greenhouse in or near your PA home, you need a dependable way to keep the perfect temperatures for your summer plants and veggies. A propane greenhouse heater will do just that.

Propane – the summer fun fuel! Need propane for your outdoor living appliances? Contact the propane pros at Ace-Robbins today!