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Buying An Outdoor Ice Maker? Six Questions To Ask.

Written on: July 8, 2019

Outdoor ice makers pennsylvania
If you took the trouble to build an outdoor living space for your Pennsylvania home, chances are you do a lot of entertaining in your yard or on your patio – and that cold drinks are right at the center of your outdoor party world.
An outdoor icemaker is a great way to keep those parties going and the cool drinks coming as things heat up this summer in PA. But what questions should you ask before investing in an icemaker for your outdoor entertainment space?

Six important thoughts about a new icemaker:

  1. Where will I put it? Will you be installing your icemaker as a built-in or a stand-alone unit? Knowing where it will be installed will help you decide which one to choose.
  2. How will it be ventilated? If you plan to install your icemaker in an outdoor kitchen island, you need to know how it ventilates. Most outdoor icemakers are front vented, meaning that no extra spacing is needed for installation. If you choose a rear-vented icemaker, you will need to allow extra venting space inside your kitchen island or cabinet area.
  3. How much space do I have? If you plant to install your outdoor icemaker in a preexisting cutout, you need to find an icemaker with the proper width, depth, and height dimensions for your island (plus venting considerations – see #2 above). If you plan to use your icemaker as a standalone unit, you will have more size flexibility.
  4. How will I protect it from the elements? As with any outdoor appliance, it is best to have your icemaker in a dry, covered area, protected from harsh weather and direct sunlight to prevent damage and performance issues.
  5. How will I drain my outdoor icemaker? Most outdoor icemakers will need a way to drain condensation and melted ice from their storage bins. There are typically three drain options when it comes to outdoor ice makers: gravity drains (where the drain is near the icemaker), drain pumps (where the drain is not near the icemaker), and self-contained units (where draining is not needed).
  6. How much ice will I need? How fast your unit makes ice and how much ice it can store are two very important considerations when choosing an outdoor icemaker. To give you some sense of how much you’ll need for your parties: you typically use about half a pound of ice for each 8-ounce drink. In other words, an icemaker with a 35-pound storage capacity (like this one) will give you enough ice for about 70 drinks.

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