Simplify This Season

Erica Scranta

Erica Scranta, Office Manager, provides advice about making winter a little easier.

Sometimes less is more. That’s certainly true when it comes to reducing paper clutter and the time you spend paying bills. Here are two great ways you can simplify:

  • Switch to Auto Pay. Automatically pay your monthly bill directly through your bank with secure electronic funds transfers or with your credit card.
  • Go paperless. Cut down on paper clutter — ask us to send your fuel statements by email.

Besides taking advantage of these convenient programs, we encourage you to confirm we have your correct contact information on file. It’s important that can reach you fast in the event of an emergency or to confirm appointments.

To do this, we need to have your current landline phone number (if you still have one), mobile phone number and email address.

Just call our office or contact us through our website with the information. Don’t worry, we will not share it with any third parties. It’s just between us!