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Sign up for EZ Pay from Ace-Robbins Now for More Predictable Heating Bills in 2019/20

Written on: May 13, 2019

Paying bills
Heating bill sticker shock can be an unpleasant surprise in the winter months – especially if it happens around the end-of-year holidays. To make matters worse, that surprise can linger for weeks – or even months – if we fall into a good old fashioned Pennsylvania cold snap (or a polar vortex, to use the latest weather terminology).
But there’s a way to avoid those unexpected spikes in your heating expenses and make your monthly bill much more predictable and manageable in the year ahead: sign up for Ace-Robbins’ EZ Pay program.
With EZ Pay, we’ll estimate your annual fuel costs based on your home’s K-Factor – a number we derive by considering the size of your home, the efficiency level of your heating system, the size of your fuel tank and the number of people who live in the space. We then divide that number equally over 12 installments starting in July, making adjustments twice a year if needed.
Choose EZ Pay from Ace-Robbins and you will:

Combine EZ Pay with FREE automatic heating oil or propane delivery and you will never have to worry about calling for or running out of fuel. Think of automatic delivery as no-cost peace of mind!
Imagine knowing EXACTLY what your heating bill will be every month – that’s exactly what you get with EZ Pay from Ace-Robbins. Plan ahead this year and make your bill paying much more predictable. Contact us to get started today!
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