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Affordable Green Solutions for Your Home

Written on: January 10, 2022

Ace-Robbins makes it easy to shrink your carbon footprint!

energy saving tips pennsylvaniaThe environment has been in the news a lot recently, between the UN Climate Summit earlier this year and events such as wildfires, record heat, and devastating floods, wildfires, storms, and tornadoes.

That has inspired many to try and reduce their personal environmental impact, doing everything from recycling to composting. But improving the energy efficiency and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from homes is one of the best things we can do.

Ace-Robbins is here to help with green solutions that will lower your home’s environmental impact without you and your family having to give up comfort. Here are some of our offerings.


Propane provides outstanding efficiency with a wide range of appliances including home heating systems, water heaters, ranges, fireplaces, clothes dryers, and more. With propane, you also have a much smaller carbon footprint than electricity. About half of the electricity generated in the United States is generated by coal-fired power plants. Propane, on the other hand, is so clean-burning it produces close to zero greenhouse gas emissions!

Clean-burning heating oil

Heating oil is not the same as it was a generation ago. Advancements have made it much more clean burning. We exclusively deliver ultra-low sulfur heating oil, which dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions while improving your heating system’s efficiency. As advances like biodiesels continue to grow, the environmental impact of heating your home with heating oil will be even more diminished.

Fireplace conversions

Burning wood produces about 28 pounds of smog-producing particulate emissions — that’s the ash and soot — per million BTUs (MMBTUs) of heat output. Propane combustion, on the other hand, produces less than 1% of that amount, allowing you comfort with almost no environmental impact.

Wood-burning fireplaces are also incredibly inefficient, with only about 20% of the heat generated going towards warming your home. The rest of the heat goes up the chimney. A propane fireplace, on the other hand, provides more than 80% efficiency. You get efficient supplemental heating that can save you money.

Ductless mini-splits

Window air conditioning units are inefficient energy hogs. They’re also unsightly, block light, let in dust and bugs, and can pose safety and security risks. Ductless mini-splits provide much more efficient cooling, and can also be zoned in your home so you use even less energy.

Energy-efficient equipment services

Whether it’s heating, cooling, water heating, generators, or other equipment for your home, our trained and experienced service technicians keep it running at its best possible efficiency. Not only does this cut your environmental impact, but it can also lower your energy costs!


Blocking the sun from heating your home can help you need to run your cooling system less, lowering your energy usage, which helps reduce your environmental impact. Our awnings help you do that.

Ace-Robbins is your local expert for helping your home become more environmentally friendly. Contact us today to get started!