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Shop Locally

Dear Friends,

No one knows what this winter will serve up. Heck, I still do not know what to call this year. Leap Over This Year?

Anyway, in studying trends in our business, is there actually any upside to this COVID-19 crisis? Did the federal government just revert from 40 years of global capitalism? Were we not able to see it through all the negative messaging from the media? (Most of them are in business to make money, not deliver news.)

In less than three months, the United States government was able to accomplish what American Express has been trying for years during the holiday season — that is, “shop local.”

Without our even realizing the benefits of shopping locally, there has been an incredibly positive effect on our environment. Products made or produced locally use fewer fossil fuels to bring to the table. We drive fewer miles, and we spend more time focusing on one another. Small businesses are not a price tag on your garment. Your neighbors, friends and small business owners understand better than anybody else. Every customer is a great customer. Every one.

The third thing I think happened was something that may be slowly taking place under a Republican administration, having continued from a Democratic administration. That’s the growth of United States jobs. The focus is to bring manufacturing jobs and our agriculture production back to the United States.

All in one year and during a pandemic, we went from working very long hours to something more normal. Retail businesses close at a reasonable hour, and if you need something on a Sunday, you might just have to wait till Monday.


Abe Kukuchka
Director of Distribution