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The Health & Economic Benefits Of Installing Retractable Awnings

Written on: June 28, 2016

retractable awningsWhen summer brings along some long-awaited nice weather, there is nothing better than getting outdoors and taking advantage of it. There is so fun to be had in the summer. Going to the park for a lazy picnic, sitting in the backyard or garden with good friends for a sizzling barbecue, lying around the pool with classy beverage of choice, or just lying back listening to cool music.
Of course, all of this fun is at risk if you allow yourself to be exposed to damaging UV rays. There are many ways that you can protect yourself from the sun with the help from your sunglasses, sunscreen, and even better, retractable awnings.

Avoid Damaging Solar Rays

A great way to protect yourself from these rays is by using retractable awnings to restrict your exposure. In some areas, the summer sun can be pretty intense, even in the backyard, so a retractable awning can be the perfect solution for enjoying the sunshine in a safe manner.
People are often complacent about having proper skin care while they instead get caught up in the excitement of having fun. But there is no need to put yourself at unnecessary risk simply because one loves a bit of sunshine. These days, it is pretty common knowledge that too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can potentially lead to skin cancer if proper and effective protection isn’t employed.
Of course, the first and most obvious solutions for prevention are wearing dark tinted sunglasses and sunscreen. However, there is no harm in going an extra step further in preventing potentially irreversible skin damage. This is when one should consider retractable awnings as your next level of protection.
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How To Get Protection With Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings simply provide extra shade in those outdoor areas that you are relaxing or being active in. The best versions can block up to 98% of the UV rays that cause most cases of skin cancers. Their effectiveness tends to depend on the materials used in their manufacturing.
More effective UV protection is usually provided by denser materials. Meanwhile, more protection from the sun is offered by a shade cloth that is more tightly woven. The message is to choose a shade color and material that is most appropriate for your needs.
Retractable awning is going to help you feel more relaxed when enjoying your outdoor spaces and activities in summer. Even though it can feel nice to have the sun’s rays on your back, you don’t want the constant nagging thought that you are unnecessarily putting yourself at risk of skin cancer. Better to enjoy your tasty food, cool tunes, enthralling book and close company without giving the sun a second thought.

Reducing The Cost Of Cooling

retractable awnings reduce cooling costsBy blocking out much of the sun’s rays, awnings also keep the outdoor area cooler. So, there is less need to use cooling systems indoors with all their associated costs. In fact, up to 20% of the bills associated with home cooling can be saved by adding an awning to the outdoor areas.
According to one source, installation can also reduce the temperature of shaded exterior areas by nearly 20 degrees as compared to those areas directly in the sun’s rays. This makes retractable awnings an energy efficient investment.
If you’re protective and sensible about your health it can be so tempting to stay indoors during those hours of the day when the sun’s rays are known to be at their strongest and most likely to damage one’s skin. However, by installing retractable awning, there is no need to not venture outdoors and take full advantage of the summer weather and social opportunities. You can plan so many activities without the thought of skin damage and harm even once crossing your mind!
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Retractable awnings have multiple benefits. Some of the highlight to having a retractable awnings includes the economic benefits of reducing your cooling costs. Since a retractable awning blocks out the sun, your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your house cool. Another one the principal benefits that you can receive from a retractile awning is that it protects you from the sun. It allows you to be outside while finding relief from the harmful solar rays.
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