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Preparing For An Annual A/C Maintenance Visit

Written on: April 5, 2021

a-c tune-up pennsylvaniaSpring is officially here, and temperatures are creeping up here in Pennsylvania. Soon it will be time to switch your thermostat from heat to cool mode and fire up your central air conditioner or ductless cooling system.

But before you do that, don’t forget to have your cooling system looked at by HVAC professionals!

Professional A/C maintenance is critical to protecting the investment you’ve made in your home cooling equipment: routine service keeps your A/C running better for longer and can help an expert technician spot small problems before they turn into potentially costly air conditioning repairs.

Getting Ready For An A/C Service Visit

Although A/C maintenance should never be a DIY job, there are things you can get ready for a visit from the air conditioning pros at Ace-Robbins. Here are five small steps you can take to prepare for your annual A/C maintenance visit in the coming weeks:


  1. Remove condenser covers – Take off seasonal covers, blankets, or lids before turning on the unit; leaving covers on while operating the unit for even a short time could do costly damage to your system.
  2. Remove debris from the condenser unit and coil – Remove any branches, leaves, or other wind-blown fall and winter debris from your outdoor condenser unit.


  1. Clean the supply vents and return grills – Remove dust, pet hair, and any other debris from the supply and return air grills of your internal A/C unit – preferably with a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter.
  2. Move objects away from vents – Look for areas where curtains, furniture, or other items could be blocking air flow and reducing cooling efficiency.
  3. Run your A/C for 30 minutes to make sure it works – Turn on your A/C unit and check the air coming out of the indoor vents for a few minutes. Check the system every few throughout the day. 

Get your central air conditioner in shape for the hot weather workout to come. Contact the pros at Ace Robbins today to schedule annual air conditioning maintenance in Wyoming County today!