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Using A Propane Gas Stove And Oven: 3 Tips

Written on: December 2, 2019

propane stoves and ovensThere’s a reason why more than nine out of ten professional chefs choose to cook with gas (actually there are several, as you will see below). But to take full advantage of the benefits of your brand new (or future) propane gas oven or cooktop, it’s important to know the ins and outs of your equipment.
Although both gas and electric ovens do the same basic job, they differ in important ways. The most important difference is that gas-powered cooking appliances typically heat (and cool) food more rapidly and maintain heat more consistently than electric appliances; this precision temperature control can be critical for some recipes both on the stovetop and in the oven.
Also, certain cooking techniques – charring, for example, are only possible on a gas cooktop.

3 pointers on using your gas stove or cooktop:

Once you have your new propane range or propane oven – preferably in time for the holidays! – it’s time to get cooking and baking. Here are some tips for doing that.

  1. For cooktops – With a gas stove, it’s important to adjust the flame to suit your cooking needs; allow the flame to hug the bottom of your pan without sneaking up the sides. Typically, there is a slight advantage in favoring liquid cooking methods (i.e., boiling, stir-frying, etc.) rather than dry heat methods (sautéing) on a gas cooktop, since liquid keeps the heat evenly distributed.
  2. For baking – Allow your gas oven to preheat five to ten minutes before baking breads and other goods; for more “durable”casseroles, roasts, and other entrees, pre-heating is less critical. Avoid baking on the lower rack, since the heating element is typically at the bottom of the oven and could cause burning.
  3. For broiling – Broiling is a way to cook meats with direct heat from a gas flame. Choose tender cuts (tenderloins, boneless chops, etc.) for best results. For “tougher” cuts, marinate before broiling. Always thaw meats in the refrigerator before cooking, then bring to room temperature to ensure better browning.

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