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Getting Your Propane Fireplace Fall-Ready: 7 Tips

Written on: December 7, 2020

fall gas fireplace pennsylvaniaA propane fireplace can be a great source of cozy comfort during a Pennsylvania winter– and with most of us spending more time than usual at home this year, a little comfort can go a long way.

But before you start firing up your hearth on the daily, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s running safely and reliably. Here are some tips for doing that.

  1. Re-visit the manual – If it’s been a while since you used your fireplace or propane gas log set, give the user’s manual a once-over – just in case.
  2. Clear your exhaust vents – Leaves, branches, and other debris can get into your fireplace vent during the offseason; be sure to clear it to avoid having a fire or carbon monoxide hazard in your home.
  3. Inspect the glass of your insert – If you have an enclosed fireplace insert, check the casing for cracks or chips; the enclosure helps keep harmful gases out of your living space. Make sure the glass closes securely and operates properly.
  4. Clean the logs – The ceramic decorative logs in your propane gas log set can get dusty in the offseason, which could cause an unpleasant burning smell when you start a fire. When cleaning a propane gas log set,
    • Make sure your propane gas valve is closed before performing any work or cleaning
    • Photograph your logs so you can return them to their exact positions
    • Use a handheld vacuum and/or microfiber cloth to remove dust
    • Return logs to their original position.
  5. Clean the blower – If your fireplace insert or propane fireplace has a fan or blower, use a vacuum or duster to clear away any excess dust.
  6. Check the pilot Light – If your fireplace has a pilot light (rather than an electronic ignition), inspect it visually; if the flame burns yellow, you could have a leak; contact us for service.
  7. Schedule professional maintenance – Like any fuel-burning appliance, a propane gas fireplace should be maintained by a professional every year to keep it running safely and efficiently.

The best way to do that? Add propane fireplace coverage to your Ace-Robbins Propane Preventative Maintenance Plan. Coverage includes equipment inspection and cleaning, efficiency and leak checks, and more – contact us for details.

Make your home a place of peace and comfort this fall with a propane gas fireplace –installed and maintained by the pros at Ace-Robbins. Contact us today to learn more! about propane fireplace installations and propane fireplace maintenance in southeastern PA!