EZ Pay Plan

Automatic Refills. Monthly Payments. Peace of Mind.

Have you ever forgotten to call in a refill for your heating oil or propane?

It’s an awful feeling to realize you forgot to make that call when you walk into an ice cold house or try to cook dinner with a stove that won’t light because there’s no propane.

Enroll in our EZ Pay program and you won’t have to worry about setting reminders in your phone and writing notes on the refrigerator for fuel deliveries.  In addition to the convenience of automatic refills, you’ll be able to better plan your household budget with EZ Pay monthly payments.

Here’s how it works:

EZ Pay program Chart

  • We’ll divide your estimated heating costs into 12 affordable, monthly installments, instead of paying larger amounts just during winter months. You’ll pay the same amount each month, with one or two periodic adjustments if necessary.
  • For automatic delivery of heating oil, we estimate your fuel needs based on weather predictions and something we call your K factor. (Think of this as a miles-per-gallon rating for your home). We calculate your K factor in a number of ways, including the size of your home, the efficiency level of your heating system, the size of your fuel tank and the number of people living in your home.
  • We also have a tank monitoring system that relays tank levels back to us, virtually eliminating the possibility for running out of propane. This is great for generators and seasonal residences.

So Many Benefits, One EZ Pay Plan

Customers who use our EZ Pay Plan love it because it gives them peace of mind:

  • They know in advance how much they’ll spend on fuel each month. With the cost of heating oil and propane on everyone’s mind, it’s nice to know how much to set aside to maintain your home or business.
  • There are no more surprise spikes in heating oil prices during the peak heating season – which is almost always during the holidays in Northeastern PA.
  • As an EZ Pay Plan member, you save 15 cents per gallon on every delivery!
  • With automatic delivery, you never have to worry about calling for your fuel or running out of heating oil or propane.  We anticipate your fuel needs and make deliveries accordingly – at no extra cost to you. Think about it: you use the same amount of fuel whether we deliver it automatically, or whether you call us to refill it.


The EZ Pay program is open to both heating oil and propane customers, and it’s quick and easy to enroll. Call us at 570.232.4081 send us an email and we’ll walk you through the process.