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Propane: An Alternative Fuel

Written on: December 20, 2021

There’s so much it can do!

propane efficiency pennsylvaniaAs an alternative fuel, propane has a lot to offer your northeastern Pennsylvania home. That’s because of how versatile, safe, and efficient propane is. You can also feel good about being a propane customer because using propane as a source of energy has environmental benefits.

Propane vs Electricity

Compared to a home using just electricity, a home using propane can produce up to 50% less in greenhouse gas emissions. That’s a big deal when you consider that a significant percentage (more than 40%, actually) of the electricity used in America is generated by coal-fired power plants. In fact, electricity is the second-leading source of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. Only transportation ranks higher. Additionally, coal-fired plants contribute to smog and acid rain. Propane doesn’t.

Propane Is Safe & Clean

Consider the severe toll on the environment whenever there’s an oil spill. Unlike with gasoline, traditional heating oil, and diesel fuel, a propane spill doesn’t damage the environment. Propane is non-toxic. Instead of polluting the air, water, and soil or causing adversely affecting the surrounding plant, marine, or aquatic life, propane simply evaporates.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is good for the environment. Propane appliances are extremely energy efficient—significantly more efficient than their electric counterparts. Also, when you calculate the energy used in the extraction, processing, and transportation to its point of use, propane is 87% efficient, and electricity is only 32% efficient.


Having a propane tank on your property means your supply is always on hand—especially when you sign up for automatic delivery with Ace-Robbins. In addition, with a propane-fueled whole-house generator, a power outage doesn’t have to interrupt your life or put your family’s safety or comfort in jeopardy. You can keep the lights and other essential equipment on even when your neighborhood goes dark.

Ace-Robbins delivers propane to our northeastern Pennsylvania customers from Bradford to Wyoming county, from Lackawanna to Luzerne, and from Susquehanna to Sullivan. We also install whole-house generators. Click here to enter your zip code and see if you live in our service area.

Get peace of mind. Join our family of satisfied customers today. Contact Ace-Robbins for more information on propane delivery or whole-house generators.