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Propane Is a Part of America’s Energy Solution

Written on: November 8, 2021

What propane can do for you

propane green energy pennsylvaniaPropane is an extremely versatile resource that can do a lot for your Pennsylvania home. It is propane’s versatility and high energy efficiency that makes it part of America’s energy solution.

What’s so great about propane?

Not only can propane heat your home, it can also safely and efficiently power both your indoor and outdoor appliances. Propane also has a lot of commercial applications. It’s used to economically heat warehouses and factories. Because propane produces low, nontoxic emissions, it’s also used for indoor forklifts, torches, and welders. And because the vast majority of propane is produced right here in the US or Canada, you don’t have to worry that your supply will be limited or affected by foreign conflicts.

There’s so much propane can do. Here are a few more reasons it’s an important part of America’s energy solution:

Propane is clean

Propane is one of the cleanest-burning options for fuel. If you use propane to heat your home instead of having an all-electric home, you can reduce your carbon emissions by up to 1/3. If, in addition to heating your home, you also use propane to heat your water, cook, dry your clothes, and for space heaters, you can lower your carbon emissions by up to ½.

Additionally, in the rare event of a leak, propane is not a danger to the environment. It doesn’t damage the air, soil, water, plants, or water-based organisms. It simply dissipates.

Propane is plentiful

Our country has an abundant supply of propane. In fact, America is able to export roughly 10 gallons of propane annually. You can always have ample access to propane because you can easily store it on your property. You’re not at the mercy of a utility like natural gas customers are.

Propane is safe

With propane, you have peace of mind. The strict propane handling guidelines enforced by the National Fire Protection Association have helped propane to have a strong safety record. Propane is less combustible than other fuels. It’s also nontoxic.

Propane is efficient and cost-effective

Propane appliances deliver more value than their electric counterparts because they operate more efficiently and thereby reduce energy costs. Modern propane heating systems can be up to 98% efficient. Propane water heaters work faster than electric water heaters. The same is true of propane clothes dryers.

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