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Preparing for Disruption

While few people could have predicted the massive disruption we have faced since the spring, in some ways we have been preparing our business for this for years.

After several destructive storms, our company decided that we needed to invest in technology to make it possible to service customers even if our physical office was shut down. That has really paid off for our customers and our team.

Our technicians all have handheld computers. Technicians can be dispatched from home, and they have access to all customer records and service histories.

Our drivers have onboard computers that allow us to give them their delivery stops and routes electronically.

Our customers can look up account information online, pay bills with credit cards or a bank draft, choose paperless billing, and more.

Our fuel storage terminal gives us unequaled access to supply in the event of shortages.

Feel confident that we are better positioned to meet the current challenge than virtually any other fuel company in the area.