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Home Efficiency To-Do List: Get Ready For Fall And Winter

Written on: August 2, 2019

cold season home efficiency pennsylvania
You may not know it by looking at the thermometer, but we’re past the halfway point of Summer 2019 here in Pennsylvania, and Labor Day is less than a month away.
As summer days tick away, the window on getting a head start on heating season tasks is quickly closing, and with it goes an opportunity to avoid some major hassles battling the same crowds that are currently tanning away at a local lake.
Before those folks get back, try taking care of these five things to prep for heating season 2019-20.

5 Cold Weather Preparation Tips

  1. Test your thermostat. Summer is a great time test your thermostat – and to learn how to program your thermostat if you don’t know how (it will be time well spent, considering that proper use of a thermostat can save 10 percent or more on your heating bill). If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, install one now – it will pay for itself in the first year of use.
  2. Add Insulation. Most homes are under-insulated, which is a shame considering insulation is one of the best bang-for-the-buck ways to lower your heating (and cooling) bills. Install additional insulation in areas notorious for having inadequate insulation such as the attic and crawl space; for further tips on where and how much to insulate, check out this post.
  3. Repair air leaks. Air leaks are the enemy of efficiency; in winter, they let the cold air in and release your paid-for warm air to the neighborhood. Summer is a great time to check the edges and bottom of your doors and windows to make sure they’re draft-free. Install caulk or weatherstripping around the areas where you can feel drafts, along with door sweeps at the base of drafty doors. For more tips on air sealing, check out this post.
  4. Repair problem roof areas. Taking care of roof repairs in the summer may be hard work, but it’s worth it. Tackling roof maintenance at this time of year helps minimize the stress and hassles that come with the peak season, and since fewer people invest in roofing projects during this season, you’re more likely to find a qualified roof expert to do the job. Skip those roof repairs and you could end up with drafts, or even a mold problem….something you definitely want to avoid.
  5. Schedule a heating tune-up. Heating maintenance is a must for your furnace, boiler and burner – and summer is the perfect time to schedule it. Put off routine heating maintenance just a few more weeks and you could be waiting a month or more for a qualified heating expert in PA, since the best technicians get get extremely busy once Labor Day passes. Stay ahead of the crowd so your heating system will be ready to go on day 1 of heating season 2019-20!
  6. If you’re planning to replace your heating system, do it now. Remember those busy heating experts who won’t have time to maintain your equipment after Labor Day? They won’t have time to install your new furnace or boiler, either. If you’re planning a heating system upgrade, get a FREE, no obligation estimate now so you’ll have some wiggle room to schedule a heating system installation before busy season starts in earnest.

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