Ron and Avery Kukuchka

Aren’t You Glad It’s Spring?

Dear Friends,

I’ve been in this business for a long time, and I don’t recall another period as brutal as the cold snap we endured from mid- December to mid-January.

Ed Welliver


While on his route, Ed witnessed an ATV vehicle slide on ice and roll over, pinning the occupant inside. Ed rushed to help, and with the help of two other Good Samaritans, removed the driver, who was pinned inside by his neck and not breathing.

Happy couple w/ money

Save Money Next Winter

Extreme cold and other factors drove heating fuel prices up a lot this winter. Customers who didn’t have a price protection plan felt the pain of higher prices.

Mother and daughter

How Much Do You Know About Propane & Oil Heat?

Surveys have shown that while propane and heating oil customers have exceptionally high levels of satisfaction with the service they receive, most don’t realize all the ways their home fuel can enhance their comfort and save them money.

Abe Kukuchka

Abe’s Corner

As many of you know, our family business got its start back in the early 1980s, when my parents Ron and Abby Kukuchka purchased Ace-Robbins.

Water heater

Go Tankless, Save $200!

There are lots of smart reasons to switch to a propane tankless water heater. For starters, imagine never running out of hot water.

Ace Robbins showroom

Here Comes the Sun

Get ready for spring and summer with a visit to our showroom! We’re fully stocked, with a great selection of products to help you enjoy the best of summer living.

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