Abe Kukuchka with his grandmother Mary and daughters Avery and Ashton

“Only a Life Lived for Others Is Worth Living”

Albert Einstein has been quoted as saying, “Only a life lived for others is worth living.” This seemed to be a perfect way to define my grandmother Mary Kukuchka. As many of you know, she passed away earlier this year at the age of 92.

Matthew Shipsky

Ace-Robbins Heroes

Members of our service team are often called heroes by our customers after we come through with fast, professional service. Here is a story about how one technician became an Ace-Robbins hero this past winter.

Family safety

Great News About Oil and Propane

Heating oil and propane are safe and efficient home heating fuels that keep getting better. Here are some reasons to feel good about your options.

Solution for comfort

An All-Weather Solution for Comfort

Customers who have asked us to install a ductless mini-split heat-pump system in their home are feeling a lot more comfortable these days.

Holding fan

Fast Service in the Summer Heat

Nothing seems to spoil a summer day faster than an A/C system meltdown.


Is Your Propane Generator Ready?

To make sure that your generator will operate properly when the power goes out, please follow these tips to ensure that you’re prepared for the worst.

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