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My Oil Heater Won’t Turn on – What Should I Do?

Written on: December 12, 2018

Winter is upon us here in Northeast PA – and most of us are already relying on our furnace or boiler day and night to keep our families warm, safe and comfortable.
But what if your home heating system stops working?
If your heating system won’t turn on, don’t worry: Ace-Robbins has you covered with emergency no-heat service if you need it – just call 570-232-4081.
But before you reach out for a service call, it’s a good idea to do a little detective work first – the problem might be easy to fix on your own. Please check these four things before you contact us for emergency heating service:

  1. Make sure you have heating oil in your tank – It’s been colder than average for the last month or so – which means you’re probably using more heating oil than you think to keep your Pennsylvania home comfortable. If your last heating oil delivery was some time over the summer, there’s a good chance you are nearing the end of your supply. If you have less than a quarter of a tank, contact us for a heating oil delivery right away.
    Another option? Skip all of those hassles and sign up for Automatic Delivery from Ace-Robbins – you will never think about running out of heating oil again.
  2. Check the emergency switch – The red light switch on your furnace is part of an emergency system designed to shut your heater down if the burner flame has gone out. But sometimes your heating system gets a false positive reading, and a simple flip of the emergency switch will get your furnace back up and running.
  3. Try the reset button…ONCE – Somewhere on the heater itself there should be a button clearly labeled “RESET”. Turn your thermostat up to the highest setting and press this button, but only do it once: doing it more than once could flood your heating equipment with oil. If you have oil in your tank, the emergency switch is on, and there are no issues with the heater, it should turn right back on; if it doesn’t, you will need professional heating oil system service.
  4. Check your circuit breaker – A breaker will “trip” if too much power is surging through the circuit it controls; this helps to prevent electrical fires. Most of the time a simple flip of the circuit breaker switch will restore power; do that and check your heater again. If it still doesn’t work, contact us for service.

Stay warm and safe this heating season with the team of experts at Ace-Robbins behind you every step of the way! Contact us today for expert heating system service and reliable heating oil deliveries in Bradford, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Susquehanna, Sullivan, and Wyoming Counties.