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Propane Is A Low Carbon, Zero Waste Fuel. Why Is That A Big Deal?

Written on: April 14, 2020

Low carbon, zero waste propane tunkhannock
Think electricity is the key to clean, green future? Think again.
More than one-third of the electricity generated in Pennsylvania is produced by burning natural gas, which is 95 percent methane – a greenhouse gas with 84 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide over a 20-year period. Another 21 percent is generated by burning coal, another substantial greenhouse gas contributor.
Propane gas, on the other hand, generates only limited amounts of carbon dioxide and no methane emissions when it’s burned. In fact, if you chose propane over electricity for your space heating, cooking, clothes drying, and water heating, you could cut your carbon footprint in half.
But carbon reduction is only one advantage that propane holds over electricity when it comes to powering our New England homes and appliances.

Consider these propane benefits:

When it comes to providing clean, green energy, few options top propane gas. Contact Ace-Robbins today to learn more about propane deliveries in PA!
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