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Air Conditioning Maintenance: It’s Not Too Late

Written on: July 2, 2019

Ductless air conditioner pennsylvania
It’s been a muggy early summer so far in Northeastern PA, which means your central air conditioner or ductless mini-split system is probably working overtime to keep your family cool and comfortable.
To keep that kind of pace for the duration of these dog days, your home cooling system had better be in top shape – especially if it’s got a few cooling seasons under its (fan) belt. The only way to make sure that’s the case is to schedule routine A/C maintenance if you haven’t done so already.
As we’ve said many times on this blog, an investment in routine A/C service will just about pay for itself in energy savings alone, since a home cooling system loses about five percent of its efficiency every year it doesn’t get a check-up from an HVAC pro.
But there are more reasons than energy savings to choose annual heating maintenance: if you get your A/C tune-up now you can also save you money by catching minor issues before they turn into costly cooling system repairs, and by keeping your equipment running more reliably through what is expected to be a hot, sticky summer.
Maintaining your cooling equipment will also help o improve air quality in your home: when combined with regular air filter swap-outs, a properly serviced A/C will keep air flowing and humidity in check, which reduces the likelihood of problems with indoor air pollutants ranging from pet dander to mold and other allergens.
The bottom line
Your air conditioner works hard to keep your family comfortable; the cost of that hard work is wear and tear –perhaps not enough to notice right away, but often enough to start your equipment down the path to long-term problems. During routine maintenance, our NATE-certified air conditioning technicians thoroughly examine your cooling system to root out problems and make sure it’s ready for the strain of day-to-day use over the course of a hot Pennsylvania summer.
Remember: your home air conditioner is an investment that needs protection. An annual air conditioning tune-up is a must-have for any home cooling system – schedule yours today!
If you haven’t had annual A/C service since last year, now is the time! Schedule your annual A/C tune-up today – and if you need an high efficiency A/C upgrade, we can help you there, too. Contact us today to get a FREE, no obligation estimate for a professional A/C installation for your Tunkhannock, PA-area home.