Install a Regency Gas Fireplace in Your Pennsylvania Home – Just in Time for the Holidays

Gas Fireplace in Your Pennsylvania Home

Nothings says “holiday season” quite like a fireplace – and if you’ve always wanted one but never thought it was a practical investment, we have some good news for you.

It used to be that having a fireplace meant investing a small fortune in masonry construction, followed by years of wood gathering and ash cleanup (not to mention chimney maintenance). But now there are some great propane fireplace alternatives that give you all of the benefits of burning wood – plus a couple of added ones that no wood-burning hearth can match.

Three key benefits of a propane fireplace

With a propane fireplace, you will:

  • Add a hassle-free centerpiece to your living room – A propane fireplace brings your family all the relaxation and visual appeal of a wood fireplace without the wood piles, ashes, and sparks – and can give you a realistic, roaring fire at the push of a button.
  • Save Money by turning down your furnace – At its heart, a propane fireplace is really a propane space heater – which means it is an extremely efficient heat source that can easily warm an entire room. With that kind of heat, you can take your thermostat down a notch and save money on your home energy bills.
  • Consistent, controllable heating – even during a power outage – Today’s propane fireplaces are equipped with thermostats to give you precision temperature control – and since they’re not powered by electricity, they can even deliver heat during a power outage, when it really matters!

Regency and Monessen fireplaces: Quality construction with the feel of a wood fire

At Ace-Robbins, we feature quality propane fireplaces from Regency and Monessen – two of today’s leading manufacturers of propane hearths. Whether you want a free-standing fireplace or a built in, we have vented and vent-free options in styles to match any décor.

Don’t miss a chance to gather your family around the fire this holiday season! Contact us today for a FREE, no obligation estimate on a propane fireplace for your Pennsylvania home!