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Best Ways To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Written on: November 21, 2016

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No one enjoys paying excessively large energy bills. For this reason, homeowners are always on the search to find ways or new strategies to reduce their energy consumption. Using less energy means reduced energy costs. Naturally, no one wants to compromise their comfort levels while doing so. There are so many ways that we can reduce our energy use and feel comfortable at the same time. Some tasks are quite simple. Others are more involved. However, they all make a significant impact on our energy use. In this article, we will discuss our top seven techniques that will make your energy bill more manageable this winter.

1. Insulation

Install additional insulation. Be sure to place it in areas such as the attic and walls. This even goes for modern homes which are designed to be energy efficient. Some of the insulation materials commonly used are

The Insulation Contractors Association of America (ICAA) recommends that insulation materials with high R-values are preferred. Additionally, the R-value should be based on the standards established by the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM). Your space-heating costs are lowered by between 10-50% by the addition of insulation to your home.

2. Weather stripping

Appropriate weather stripping needs to be applied to the doors, windows and other parts of your home. Be sure to address any areas where it is possible for cold air to leak indoors during the winter season. A professional should be contracted to identify areas where air leaks could occur. A comprehensive home energy audit usually is quite precise because they use tools such as infrared cameras and blower doors. The materials that can be used to seal any problem areas once identified are:

This needs to be done prior to the commencement of the winter season. Always apply weather-stripping to surfaces that are dry.

3. Programmable Thermostat

The installation of a programmable thermostat can contribute to reducing home heating costs during the winter. This is possible because this you can set it up based on your schedule. You can schedule your thermostat to reduce the temperature by 7 to 10 degrees when you leave your home. It will go back to a higher indoor temperature right before you return home. As a result, your space heating costs are lowered by as much as  10% in the winter. Your home will also feel much more comfortable.

4. LED Lights

Any fluorescent lights still being used in your home should be replaced with LED lights. LED lights are more energy efficient. Data released from the US Department of Energy indicate that LED lights are more energy efficient than traditional lights such as incandescent bulbs, by as much as 75%. LED lights are also more durable than both fluorescent and incandescent lights. Therefore, opt for LED lights that are connected to the Internet of things (loT). This means that they are controlled via a tablet or smart phone.

5. Energy Efficient Doors And Windows

Review the possibility of replacing the doors and windows in your home with energy efficient alternatives. One example is doors and windows that carry the ENERGY STAR label. This label indicates that they are specifically designed to prevent heat loss. Interestingly enough, the EPA published figures showing that by installing energy-efficient doors and windows, the energy consumption in households nationally could be lowered by 12% annually.

6. Heating System Tune-up

image of money savings after heating system tune-up wilkes-barre paYou should contract the services of a professional HVAC company  to complete a thorough tune-up of your furnace or home heating system. This would include cleaning, inspecting, or replacement of:

A professional HVAC expert determines if there are any abnormalities being emitted from various parts of your home heating system.  A heating unit that is not operating efficiently will consume more energy. Consequently, this results in higher power bills during the winter season.

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7. Water Heating

If your water heater is at least ten years old, then you need to replace it with a modern water heater. Newer water heaters are far more energy-efficient. An example of this kind of water heater is one which only heats on-demand. Unfortunately, many older models heat all of the water contained in the tank.

Heating System Tune-up Wilkes-Barre PA

When you follow even just a few of the above steps, you will see a major difference on your energy bills. These methods work and homeowners who follow these tips can enjoy the associated savings. Tuning up your heating system is probably one of the most important aspects of reducing your energy use. Be sure to find an HVAC company that has what it takes to get your heating system at peak efficiency.
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