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How To Prepare Your Heater For The Cold Winter

Written on: December 5, 2016

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Winter is literally right around the corner, which means it is imperative to have a well functioning heating system. The HVAC system of any commercial property or private residence must be appropriately installed and maintained. This ensures that no person is placed at serious physical risk during this chilly season. Numerous avenues exist through which homeowners can make sure their heating systems are in proper shape and ready to efficiently meet the cold temperatures of winter:

1. Have Your Heating System Regularly Serviced

Home Who Just Ordered A Heating Oil Delivery Wilkes-Barre PAIn order to keep a heating system in proper shape during cold months, it must be serviced on a regular basis. As winter gets closer, it helps to have such systems serviced so they can function at an optimum level at all times. This will ensure the home is comfortable on a continuous basis. Additionally, an inspection of the oil tank is also a good idea. This is because oil tanks are subject to wear and tear as time goes on, and may eventually begins a malfunction, thus affecting the system’s heater. Some things that may cause oil tank to wear out include the following:

Scheduling maintenance on a furnace is also very important. This should be completed prior to the arrival of winter. It is also essential that heating system maintenance be completed by professionals. It is never wise for homeowner to attempt to do maintenance or repairs without consulting an expert. To do so may cause serious problems or in danger those who live in the home.

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2. Locating And Repairing Oil Leaks

When a heating system’s oil tank deteriorates, expensive and dangerous oil leaks can occur. Such an occurrence can have dangerous consequences like property damage or even the harm or death of a resident of the home. For this reason, regular maintenance of oil tanks is necessary. There are several signs of a leaking tank that one should be aware of, including the following:

Anyone who notices or suspects that there is a leak in his or her heater should contact a professional immediately. Such individuals can diagnose and repair the problem and return the heater to optimal function.

3. Schedule Heating Oil Delivery

Many heaters in commercial and residential HVAC systems run on oil. For this reason, ensuring that the unit does not run out of this fuel is important. The last thing any homeowner or commercial property owner wants to face is a cold winter day without sufficient oil in the unit’s tank. Monitoring heating oil levels on a regular basis is the best way to ensure that enough oil is available for the system. In addition, keeping the tank full prevents sediment and water build up, both of which can cause rusting and corrosion on the inside of the tank. Such corrosion can lead to a host of negative problems within the system.

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4. Improve Your Energy Efficiency

An often overlooked but important aspect of keeping a heater running well is improving the home’s energy efficiency. Heaters do not have to work as hard during cold months if a home is appropriately insulated. A great way to make sure this is the case is to replace old doors and windows with newer, more energy-efficient models, caulking drafty windows, installing a programmable thermostat and placing weather stripping around areas of the home that leak air. These tasks will reduce energy consumption and cost as time goes on. Maintaining your heating system alone can greatly improve your home’s energy efficiency.
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5. Changing Air Filters

Changing and cleaning air filters on a regular basis also helps heating systems to function more efficiently year-round. Air filters should be checked on a monthly basis and removed and replaced whenever they are dirty.

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Giving a heater a bit of attention prior to cold-weather setting in will certainly pay off during winter when a home can be kept warm and cozy through the working of an efficient heating system. Additionally, with professional maintenance conducted on an annual basis, the heater will offer good longevity to its owner and premature replacements will not be necessary.
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