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Getting Better Performance from Your Appliances, Part 4: Your Clothes Dryer

Written on: March 4, 2019

Clothes and towels in dryer
A clothes dryer can really come in handy, especially during the cold months when outdoor drying becomes impossible (unless you like your jeans frozen solid!). But whether you use a gas- or electric-powered dryer for your clothes, the energy bills can add up quickly – unless you make some sensible choices about how you handle your laundry.
Try these 6 tips to get more from your clothes dryer in the months ahead:

  1. Pre-dry your clothes using your washing machine’s fastest spin cycle – A load of clothes can contain half a gallon of water or more after an economy washing cycle – minimize that amount with a good spin before drying.
  2. Clean your lint filter – A clogged lint filter can dramatically affect dryer efficiency and dry times, potentially adding 20-30 percent to your bill.
  3. Keep dryer vents clean – If your dryer has an exhaust leading to the outside, clean it regularly; not only will it improve efficiency, it will also prevent carbon monoxide build up in your Pennsylvania home.
  4. Don’t overload – To dry your clothes quickly and completely, a clothes dryer needs to be able to circulate warm air easily between clothes; when too many clothes are packed in, warm never reaches them.
  5. Dry lightweight items before heavier loads – Your clothes dryer takes a while to build up enough heat to dry heavier clothing; dry your lighter clothes first, then take advantage of the dryer’s residual heat to help take care of the heavy stuff.
  6. Try adding a dry towel to a load of damp clothes – A dry towel wicks moisture from wet fabrics, which could cut off several minutes of drying time.

Of course the best way to save money on energy bills from your clothes dryer is to replace your old, inefficient tank with a new, high efficiency, whisper quiet model. Ace-Robbins features top quality gas- and electric-powered clothes dryer options from Maytag, Whirlpool and Amana – visit our Tunkhannock showroom today to see them for yourself!