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Generator Installation for Clarks Summit, Towanda and Wysox, Pennsylvania

Weather the storm with a Generac whole-house generator

 propane generator installation in tunhannock, paHere in northeastern Pennsylvania, we’re vulnerable to power outages any time of year thanks to summer thunderstorms, winter ice and snowstorms, tropical storms coming up the East Coast, car accidents knocking down power lines or electrical grid failures.

When the power goes out, it can not only be uncomfortable, but it can also be costly and possibly dangerous.

Ace-Robbins has a solution: a Generac whole-house propane generator!

Our equipment experts will discuss your needs with you, such as the size of your home and what you want your generator to power, so you can be sure you have the right generator. Our service technicians will expertly and safely install it and the propane tank for it as well. Finally, we’ll provide reliable propane delivery, so you’ll be able to stay comfortable.

Portable propane generators are OK for some things. But a propane whole-house generator powers more appliances, electronics and other equipment, safer and more efficiently. You’ll get through the power outage with more comfort and security.

With a propane whole-house generator, you get a lot more than just keeping the lights on. Here are some things they do for you:

Protect your home

When the power goes out, your home security system does as well. With a propane whole-house backup generator, your home will stay protected. You don’t even need to be home because these systems switch over automatically when your home loses grid power.

If you have a basement, the sump pump also shuts down in a power outage. Without a whole-house generator, your basement may be vulnerable to flooding, costing your thousands of dollars in damages and the loss of cherished possessions stored down there.

Protect your loved ones

Is someone in your home dependent on home medical equipment such as oxygen, home dialysis or an electric wheelchair? A propane whole-house backup generator keeps their medical equipment powered.

Protect your food

Did you know that some foods in your refrigerator can begin to spoil in as little as four hours? And if a power outage lasts longer than a day, you may be throwing out hundreds of dollars’ worth of food. With a propane whole-house generator, your food will stay safely cold or frozen, and you’ll be able to cook it!

Protect your comfort

Whether it’s winter’s chill or summer’s heat, a propane whole-house backup generator keeps your HVAC equipment running so you stay comfortable.

Think of all the ways you and your family depend on electronics, for working remotely, distance learning, entertainment and more. A propane whole-house generator keeps your electronics running or charged. You can stay connected with the outside world and in touch with loved ones and local authorities.

Get peace of mind with a Generac whole-house backup generator from Ace-Robbins. Contact us today to get started!