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How To Choose A New Propane Supplier

Written on: November 25, 2019

propane suppliers pennsylvaniaIf you’ve just purchased a new propane-powered home, or aren’t happy with your current propane supplier, it could be time for a change. But how do you choose a propane supplier that you know you’ll be happy with?
As with many things in life, choosing a propane supplier starts with asking the right questions. Here are four questions to ask when you’re trying to separate the quality candidates from the also-rans.

Questions to consider when choosing where to get propane:

  1. Is the propane price I’m getting part of an introductory offer?
    Some propane discounters offer great introductory prices at first, only to raise their prices once you’re a committed customer. Look for suppliers that offer fair, competitive prices and low surcharges every day, right from day one. That’s what we do here at Ace-Robbins – a big reason why we retain 95 percent of our customers every year.
  2. Do you offer maintenance and other support services?
    There are many suppliers out there who offer propane delivery – but do they offer the support you need to keep your family safe and comfortable all year long? Look for propane suppliers that offer high-value preventative maintenance plans that help keep your equipment running at peak efficiency and minimize costly repairs, or payment plans (like our EZ Pay Plan ) that make your propane more affordable during months of heavy fuel use.
  3. Will you help me manage my propane usage?
    Many propane suppliers simply deliver your propane when you call – but with a packed schedule, you may forget and find yourself on the wrong end of a propane run-out. You can avoid that hassle as an Ace-Robbins customer by signing up for FREE automatic delivery, which monitors your propane usage and schedules your propane delivery as soon as you need it.
  4. How will make my life easier?
    A propane supplier should make your life easier and more predictable, especially during the fall and winter, when crazy weather can really compound life’s usual busyness. With Ace-Robbins, you’ll rest easy knowing that:
    • We have an ample supply of propane on hand and available for you
    • Your propane will be delivered by a highly trained team of professionals who put your safety first, using a fleet of well-maintained trucks that stay on the road in any weather
    • Your propane deliveries and heating system are backed by a team of professionals that offer safe deliveries, expert maintenance and 24/7/365 emergency service.
    • You have convenient, flexible options and services such as EZ Pay and automatic delivery to help make managing your heating bills and fuel deliveries easy

Looking for more reasons to become an Ace-Robbins propane customer? Call us and ask – we’re happy to talk with you about joining the Ace-Robbins family.