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Buying a Gas Stove – Seven Questions to Ask

Written on: February 24, 2020

buying a gas stove in Tunkhannock, PA
A new gas range is big investment for your kitchen – not just because of the expense of buying and installing it, but because it’s an appliance that you’ll use almost every day to do something central to your family’s health.
To help you make a good buying decision, here are seven questions you should ask before buying a gas range.

  1. How big a space do you have? A freestanding gas range is typically 30 inches wide, but both narrower and wider models are available.
  2. How powerful a stove do you need? The heat output per hour for burners of an average gas range varies between 5,000 and 17,000 BTU (British thermal units). More power doesn’t necessarily mean better, though…look for a model that offers burners with a range of heat outputs to handle different cooking tasks (boiling water and simmering, for example).
  3. Are the burners sealed? Cleanup is much easier when food cannot spill into the burners. Look for a range with sealed burners and an elevated edge around its perimeter; spills are less likely to reach the floor if the cooktop has an edge.
  4. Are the controls easy to read? Consider whether you really need electronic displays or if you would be content with a model that uses simple analogue dials.
  5. Is it safe for my family? Look for ranges that offer lockout features to prevent children from accessing the cooktop and oven.
  6. Is it big enough? Consider the size of your family and your cooking and entertainment tendencies to determine whether your gas range is large enough for your typical use. Look for a range that has at least five rack settings for flexibility when baking.
  7. How good is the warranty? Read the warrantees of the gas ranges you’re comparing to make sure you get the best coverage on parts and labor.

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