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Benefits Of Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

Written on: April 28, 2016

Air Conditioner Tune-upThe Spring season comes with lots of “to do” lists especially on cleaning the HVAC systems. Cleaning your air conditioner this period will not only make it work more efficiently but will also make it to last longer. There are many advantages of keeping your air conditioner in good shape:

Increased Lifespan

Working on your air conditioner periodically helps to increase its lifespan. An AC unit that should be replaced in 10 years can work for a longer time if it is properly maintained. This means savings for you and less stress in thinking about where and how to buy a new one.

It Works More Efficiently

It is normal for an AC unit to reduce its efficiency after some time. The inefficiency can arise from dust and dirt from the air it collects. This calls for regular cleaning of the device’s air filter. The filter should be replaced if that will make it do a better work.

It Makes The Home More Comfortable

air-conditioner-checkupAn AC fitted room feels much better especially when the weather is hot. Apart from providing the comfort you need, it has the added advantage of preventing dust and dirt from entering your room. These particles are responsible for low indoor air quality and the cause of headaches and eye sensations at home as revealed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). In addition, it is important to work on your air conditioner now to avoid its breaking down during the summer months when it is compelled to do more work.

Reduction In Energy Bills

Maintaining your air conditioner also has the benefit of minimizing energy costs since its working efficiency is improved. A faulty air conditioner requires more energy to produce a desired effect. A dirt-clogged filter for instance will prevent the passage of fresh air to the room and will require more time to change its temperature. Having your air conditioner serviced at least once a year can help in reducing its inefficiency.

Benefiting From AC Warranty

It is easier to claim your warranty if the manufacturer knows you are doing your own part in taking care of your equipment. Your manufacturer will not hesitate to turn down your request if it is discovered that you don’t do a routine check on your air conditioner. Besides, servicing the device periodically is a way of avoiding little things that can cause a total break-down of your AC. There are just a few things to inspect during your routine check.

Parts Of The AC That Require Constant Attention

During its servicing, the following areas should not be neglected:


As you say good bye to the winter, it is important to make adequate preparations for the hotter seasons. The benefits of maintaining your air conditioner should encourage you to do it: the working efficiency is improved, the lifespan is increased, your monthly bills are reduced and you can claim the benefits being offered by the manufacturer.
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